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ZEN lite Digital Imaging Software

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Imaging Software for Efficient Microscopy - Key ZEN Features for Your Imaging Tasks

  • Control Axiocam microscope cameras
  • Acquire images and simple video sequences
  • Measure distances and areas interactively
  • Open, edit and save CZI files and export into various formats
  • Create basic reports

Expand ZEN lite with selected modules:
Create impressive multichannel and time lapse images of your specimens or use extended measurement functions.


Please download the version for your operating system.

ZEN lite black 2.3 SP1 / blue 2.5
(Windows 7 and Windows 10, 64bit systems)

Important Note: Do not install this version on your microscope system if the system already has a full ZEN license (e.g. ZEN pro, ZEN system, ZEN desk, ZEN slidescan, ZEN celldiscoverer).

ZEN 2.5 blue edition supports all the systems and hardware supported by the previous version ZEN 2.3 SP1 blue edition with the exception of Axio Scan.Z1. Users of Axio Scan.Z1 cannot upgrade to this version and should only use ZEN 2.3 SP 1 blue edition on the Axio Scan.Z1 control computer!

This ZEN version is intended to be used as a ZEN lite only.

Download iso-file ZEN lite

Please note! With normal bandwith, download might take up to 15 minutes.

iso-file via FTP-protocol (7.16 GB)
iso-file via HTTP-protocol (7.16 GB)  

zip-file via FTP-protocol (6.63 GB)
zip-file via HTTP-protocol (6.63 GB)

Installation Notes

ZEN lite 2012 SP2 (legacy version, Windows 7, 32bit systems, 349 MB)

Download ZEN lite 32bit via FTP-protocol
Download ZEN lite 32bit via HTTP-protocol
Installation Notes