Free 60-Day Version of ZEN analyzer

Process and analyze your microscopy data at home

Do you want to extract the valuable information that is hidden in your multidimensional images? You can now get the functionalities of ZEN analyzer for your PC or laptop at home, for free, for full 60 days*. After this time period, you can simply continue using your free ZEN installation for many basic tasks, e.g. as a viewer for CZI images, basic measurement or reporting functionalities. Or, you can buy selected image processing modules to enhance your ZEN installation later.

* Please note: your free trial version of ZEN does not support microscope control.

Learn more about ZEN core

ZEN core

Get an Overview of the Included Modules

Included modules in free 60-day version of ZEN analyzer

Advanced Processing

Additional image processing functions.

APEER (on-site) Basic

On-site execution of APEER demo modules.

APEER (on-site) Advanced

On-site execution of individual APEER modules.

CAD Import

Import of CAD files.

Cast Iron Analysis

Analysis of size and form of graphite particles in cast iron.

Comparative Diagrams

Comparison of micrographs with comparative charts.


Advanced functionality of ZEN Connect.

Data Storage Client

Connection to ZEN Data Storage database.

Grain Size Analysis

Grain size determination.

Image Analysis

Assistant for creation of automatic measurements programs.


Image segmentation based on machine-learning algorithm, using pixel classification.

Layer Thickness Measurement

Measurement of the thickness of layers.

Macro Environment

Editor and debugger for OAD macros based on Python.


Advanced interactive measurement tools.

Multiphase Analysis

Analysis of particle size and area contetn of multiphase images.

Qual Data Export

Interface to create measurement files for databases like ZEISS PiWeb or qs-STAT.

Third Party Import

Import of 3rd-party microscopy images into ZEN.

Request Your Free 60-Day Version

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The form is currently not available on mobile devices, we recommend requesting the license via your laptop or PC.

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