EVO MA with SmartSEM touch

EVO MA with SmartSEM touch

Your Interactive SEM for Multi-User Environments

Experience excellence in high vacuum (HV), variable pressure (VP) and extended pressure (EP) imaging, thanks to the latest detector technology. Significant improvements in signal yield and contrast ratio herald a step change in imaging efficiency.

EVO is a highly flexible, easy-to-use, high definition imaging and analysis tool delivering fast, accurate, repeatable results across all samples.


The ZEISS EVO series combines high definition Scanning Electron Microscopy with an intuitive user-friendly experience.

Discover substantial improvements in productivity and dramatically reduced training costs with SmartSEM touch user interface. Empower all users to generate
excellent images and achieve highest throughput for visual inspection workflows. SmartSEM touch is a welcome addition in the multi-user environment.



Increased ease-of-use and productivity, decreased training costs

Increased ease-of-use and productivity

Control at Your Fingertips

  • Benefit from drastically reduced training times and begin capturing stunning images within minutes.
  • Designed for industrial operators who require automated workflows for visual inspection tasks and academic users in
    mixed-ability environments.
  • Automatically acquire images across large areas with the swipe of a finger and free your time for post-acquisition
  • SmartSEM touch is fast to learn, easy-to-use and delivers interactive workflow control.
Automated Intelligent Imaging

Intelligent Imaging – High Throughput

  • EVO delivers highest productivity in manufacturing and quality control.
  • Reduce 400 manual steps to only 15, imaging four points of interest on nine specimens at three different magnifications.
  • Automated Intelligent Imaging provides free-form regions of interest (ROIs) for unattended automated image acquisition.
  • SmartBrowse collects and presents your data as an interactive map to help you completely understand your sample.
The EVO robust, reliable stage is perfectly suited to handling large, heavy samples

Perfect handling of large, heavy samples

As Flexible As It Is Easy To Use

  • Future-assured upgrade path ensures EVO can meet the challenge of rapidly growing application requirements.
  • A choice of chamber size and electron source ensures EVO can be perfectly configured for demanding imaging, EDS, WDS and EBSD applications.
  • Robust stage options provide the perfect platform for imaging large, heavy automotive and aerospace components.

SmartSEM touch

Benefit from a fast time-to-result and a reduction in training overhead with its short learning curve and automated unattended operation. An uncluttered workflow-oriented layout places tasks in easy-to-understand groups. Quickly load, navigate, acquire and browse images using familiar touch gestures. Simply draw directly on the screen to automatically acquire images across large regions of interest. A “lay-flat” configuration enhances image sharing and exploration when working in small collaborative groups.

Chamber Sizes


With EVO MA you benefit from three chamber sizes and a wide range of detectors and software options.
Upgrade your EVO MA to full environmental SEM operation (EVO LS).

EVO MA 10 is your SEM for many materials analysis samples.
With a large motorized 5 axis stage, versatile accessory options, and easy to use SmartSEM software suite; EVO MA 10 is the perfect imaging solution for materials analysis.
EVO MA 10 includes:
  • Stage movement of 80x100x35mm (XYZ)
  • Maximum specimen height of 100mm


EVO MA 15 is your SEM for a broader range of sample weights and dimensions.

Application fields include geology, forensics, and failure analysis.

EVO MA 15 includes:
  • Stage movement of 125x125x50mm (XYZ)
  • Maximum specimen height of 145mm
  • Port for WDS instrumentation

EVO MA 25 is your SEM for large and heavy samples.

Application fields include forensics, museum artifacts, car manufacturing, aerospace, flat panel displays and printed circuit boards.


EVO MA 25 includes:

  • BeamSleeve option for stage movement of 130x130x60mm or 130x130x80mm (XYZ)
  • Maximum specimen height of 210mm, weight of 5kg and diameter of 300mm
  • 4 quadrant and 5 segment backscatter imaging
  • Support for two chamberscopes




Detector Technology

Detector Technology

Cascade Current Detector (C2D)

  • Achieve the best imaging performance in variable pressure mode with advanced detector technology
  • EVO’s Cascade Current Detector (C2D) with its high sensitivity detector electronics ensures you acquire outstanding, low-noise images even in the most demanding VP applications
  • The Extended Range Cascade Current Detector (C2DX), unique to the EVO Series, is designed to provide superb imaging performance at the highest pressures up to 3000 Pa
  • EVO detector technology sets the standard for Variable Pressure and Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy

Integrated EDS Solution: EVO Element

High definition imaging meets low energy analytics

EVO Element is an integrated EDS solution with high usability and low-kV sensitivity. The integration improves usability by using only one PC to control both the EDS and the SEM. At the same time, parallel control is possible by having dedicated user interfaces for microscope and EDS control.

  • Integration: High definition imaging combined with fast analysis for best results at highest usability
  • Customization: Customizable software for different user needs
  • Sensitivity: Unique Silicon Nitride window enhances low energy detection


Use the flexibility and analytical imaging of your EVO MA for a wide range of applications including:

Surface wear on a ball-bearing

Surface wear on a ball-bearing

Metals & Steels

  • Imaging and analysis of the structure metals, fractures, and non-metallic inclusions
  • Compositional and crystallographic analysis of duplex steels and advanced alloys
  • Coplanar EBSD and EDS geometry provides microstructural characterisation of grain boundaries, phase identification, strain analysis and slip system activity
BSE image of nickel sulphide ore

BSE image of nickel sulphide ore

Natural Resources

  • Morphology, mineralogy and composition analysis of geological samples
  • Image core samples in VP mode with both the C2D detector and HDBSD to obtain maximum structural and compositional information
  • Cathodoluminescence (CL) imaging of geological samples with clear streak-free imaging of carbonates
Aluminium nanofibers

Aluminium nanofibers

Materials Research

  • Investigate and develop novel materials
  • Analyze material properties such as corrosion, temperature resistance and coating performance
  • Combine HDBSD with Beam Deceleration technology plus coplanar EDS and EBSD for comprehensive materials analysis 
Surface damage on an integrated circuit

Surface damage on an integrated circuit

Semiconductors & Electronics

  • Routine inspection of PCBS and board level components
  • Perform electron beam induced current experiments to determine component performance
  • Visual and compositional analysis of corrosion, flaws and contamination
A fragment of molten glass

A fragment of molten glass


  • Analyze criminal evidence including gunshot residue, coin forgery and toxicology
  • Class leading EDS geometry provides for high throughput GSR analysis with compatibility with third-party specialized GSR analysis software
  • Bullet comparison sub-stage for bullet or cartridge case analysis.
Fibres from a composite aerospace material

Fibres from a composite aerospace material

Aerospace & Automotive

  • Large chamber sizes and flexible, robust stage options allow handling of large heavy automotive components
  • Analyse advanced composite materials, coatings and textiles in variable pressure mode
  • High throughput compositional analysis of particles and engine wear debris



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