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Mineralogic Mining

Your Automated Quantitative Petrological Analyzer

Mineralogic Mining Systems

  • Introduction

    Characterize minerals and achieve maximum recovery of resources. With Mineralogic Mining you use automated mineral analysis to identify and quantify minerals in real-time.

    Mineralogic Mining combines a scanning electron microscope with one or more EDS detectors, a mineral analysis engine and the Mining software plug-in.

    Mineralogic Mining provides industry specific outputs to enhance extractive processes and give operators a leading edge in recovery.

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  • Highlights

    Tailor Your Mineral Classification Technique

    • For maximum accuracy, use the highly sensitive technique of fully quantitative EDS
    • For the fastest analysis speeds, choose BSD greyscale mineral classification
    • Combine both techniques with morphology-based mineral classification to achieve highest flexibility

    Simple Ore Body Characterization

    • Easily characterize new ore bodies using quantitative EDS
    • Create a mineral library to classify an unknown ore body in just hours instead of weeks
    • Significantly reduce the need to use XRD or microprobe data

    Count on High Productivity

    • Measure and classify minerals in real-time
    • Use the advanced reporting tool to generate comprehensive reports
    • Achieve maximum automation and productivity with a 16-stub sample holder and a range of ZEISS SEMs, configurable between one and four energy dispersive spectrometers (EDS)

    Ask your ZEISS contact about Mineralogic Mining Systems now!

  • Applications

    With Mineralogic Mining you carry out fully quantitative evaluation throughout the process of ore exploration, recovery and tailings-control.

    Use Mineralogic Mining for:

    • Ore valuation and ore characterization 
    • Optimization of grinding and beneficiation processes
    • Environmental control and forensics
    • Quality assurance and control
    • Process optimization
    • Process mineralogy
    • Mineral mapping
    • Cement analysis and applied mineralogy
    • Provenancing studies
    • Lithotyping 
    • Medical geology


    Ask your ZEISS contact about Mineralogic Mining Systems now!

  • Platforms

    Choose the ZEISS SEM platform which best suits your applications: conventional, field emission or ruggedized systems.

    ZEISS EVO for 24/7 Ore Process Control

    • ZEISS EVO is the industry standard platform for automated mineralogy and is in operation woldwide in mineral processing laboratories
    • The column isolation valve allows fast sample transfer and chamber pumpdown, making it the ideal SEM for 24/7 ore processing
    • Choose between three chamber sizes – 10, 15 or 25 – to get the right system for your application
    • Use EVO in variable pressure mode for easy analysis of uncoated samples, shortening your time to result
    • Enhance your resolution capability with a choice of three beam source technologies including LaB6

    ZEISS SIGMA for Research into Ore Processing

    • SIGMA is a high resolution field emission SEM capable of nanoscale imaging
    • Distinguish minerals of similar average atomic weight by grayscale alone (0.07 atomic mass unit resolution)
    • The multi-purpose nature of SIGMA allows it to perform a range of complementary analytical techniques for maximum flexibility

    ZEISS SIGMA HD for high resolution mineral mapping

    • SIGMA HD has two dedicated diametrically opposite EDS ports for high speed mineral mapping with an optional third port for the highest detector solid angle on the market.
    • Combined with the high definition BSD, SIGMA HD provides both unrivalled materials contrast and high count rate X-Ray detection for ultimate productivity during mapping.
    • SIGMA HD is available in both high vacuum and variable pressure configurations.

    Ask your ZEISS contact about Mineralogic Mining Systems now!

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