Efficiency Services for Core Imaging Facilities

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You work hard to provide an optimum environment to talented researchers, while managing your resources most efficiently.

  • Discover how ZEISS supports core facilities.

Uptime Package

Maximize your System Availability

A high degree of instrument uptime is essential for your core lab.

It ensures that a maximum number of users can image their time and resource-consumingly prepared samples, using top-performing equipment. For them, this gives security for meeting their tight submission dates for their theses and papers.

For you as the core facility manager, it supports reaching the desired high equipment utilization, while also securing the cash-flow that your financial plan is based on.

Up-to-date Package

Keep Pace With the Challenges

The fast pace at which computer and software technology is evolving has been an important accelerator of scientific progress.

At the same time, this speed of evolution also means, that what has been state-of-art today, is quickly becoming antiquated.
Financing workstation replacements and software upgrades from running lab budgets is often not foreseen and grants typically only focus on capital equipment.

Give your core facility users access to the processing power of current high-end computer workstations, fully supported operating systems and the latest ZEN software release with the Up-to-Date Package option.

Infinity by Idea Elan

Simplifying Daily Management Routine

Managing a core facility or lab is a demanding job with many facets and challenges. With your expertise, you advise users on the optimum instrumentation to make their research a success.

But you also need to manage your resources efficiently. Scheduling users and equipment with pen and paper or spreadsheets is time consuming and limited. As soon as you are asked for utilization reports or invoices, you realize that you turned from scientific advisor into a book keeper.

ZEISS is now offering Idea Elan’s Infinity core lab management solution.
Powerful, yet easy and intuitive to use.
Effectively relieving you from administrative tasks.
Delivering new insights and giving more control.


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