Objectives for Routine Microscopy

CP-Achromat® objectives

CP-Achromat® are economic solutions for all routine observations with brightfield and phase contrast. They feature good color correction, high image contrast and brilliance, and freedom from astigmatism. Intended mainly for Axiostar plus these objectives should only be used in conjunction with eyepieces with a field of view of 18 or 20 mm.

They are suitable for micrography with common specimens of sufficient thickness. (For smear preparations we rather recommend Achroplan® objectives). To a limited extent, CP-Achromat® objectives can be used for epi-fluorescence work.


A-Plan® objectives

This class of objectives provides an attractive alternative to Achroplan® objectives, both in routine and research applications. A-Plan® objectives provide rich contrast, are well suited to fluorescence, and can be used with eyepieces with a field of view up to 23.
They allow contrasting methods ranging from brightfield to phase contrast to VAREL.

The LD A-Plan® series with extra large working distance are starters for inverted microscopy. They are corrected for cover glass and vessel bottom thicknesses from 0.7 to 1.4 mm. This means that cover glass caps can be abandoned in the main applications of LD objectives, such as observation through thicker cell culture vessels etc.

With the first polarisation optical differential interference contrast, PlasDIC, applications like ICSI are now possible even in plastic vessels – with high resolution and very good contrast.