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Managing a core facility or lab is a demanding job with many facets and challenges. With your expertise you advise users on the optimum instrumentation to make their research a success. But you also need to manage your resources efficiently. Scheduling users and equipment with pen and paper or spreadsheets in time consuming and limited. ZEISS is now glad to offer Idea Elan´s Infinity core lab management solution. Powerful, yet easy and intuitive to use. Efficiently relieving you from administrative tasks. Delivering new insights and giving more control.

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COVID-19 has significantly changed the way we all live

As a core director or lab manager, keeping users, staff and guests safe is of greatest importance. Infinity now supports automated social distancing, buffer times, sanitizing instruments, and much more. Contact us to learn more how Infinity can help you to stay compliant in these challenging times.

A Software Solution by Idea Elan

ZEISS Official Software Partner

Idea Elan is a US-based company, established in 2010. It is one of the fastest growing companies in the industry with a rapidly growing costumer base. Institutions and facilities worldwide benefit from Idea Elan´s extremely intuitive and easy-to-use software. The ZEISS software partner takes pride in implementing their solution with a short period of time, providing excellent care in hand-holding each and every core at each and every stage of the process, from Kick-off to Go-Live. To learn more about Idea Elan, visit their website

A Software Solution to Manage Labs Efficiently

Benefit from a Broad Range of Functionality

Maximize your productivity

Create service and support requests for your microscopes directly to ZEISS service for fast response and minimized downtime.
Benefit from ZEISS direct tickets!

Increased effectiveness of your lab management

Profit from data available at your fingertips to also help you to constitute justification for future grants or funding.

Minimize paperwork with automated workflows

Schedule instruments in just two clicks, track actual and scheduled usage and automate invoices and reports.

Enjoy an increased ease of use

Conveniently manage and re-order lab supplies and consumables through easy and quick implementation and go live within just a few weeks.

Use dedicated Infinity mobile app on the go

Manage key core activities from iPhones, Android phones and tablets.

Technical issues dashboard
Technical issues dashboard
System reservations overview
System reservations overview
Instrument overview
Instrument overview
Calender scheduler
Calender scheduler

Available Functions & Modules

Software Details

Standard Features


•  Instrument Scheduler

•  Web Wizard Module

•  Actual Usage Tracker

•  Notifications Module

•  Business Intelligence / Reporting Module

•  Stock Room Module

•  Supplies & Inventory Tracking Module

•  Sample Management Module

•  Service & Support Request Module with ZEISS direct ticket

•  Work Order / Sample Submission / Service Request Module

•  Technical Issue Tracking Module

•  Project Management Module

•  Publication Module

•  Invoicing Module

Optional Features

•  Dedicated Infinity Mobile app

•  Super Admin Module

•  Single Sign-On Integration

•  Barcode Module

•  Financial Admin Module

•  Financial Integration with ERP Systems such as SAP, Banner, Oracle, Workday, Kuali and others

•  Animal Facility Module

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