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ZEISS Colibri

Your Flexible and Efficient LED Light Source for Gentle Fluorescence Imaging

Pages: 23
Filesize: 1,947 kB

3D Imaging Systems

Your Guide to the Widest Selection of Optical Sectioning, Electron Microscopy and X-ray Microscopy Techniques.

Pages: 68
Filesize: 6,057 kB

Objectives from ZEISS - Exceeding Your Expectations

Brilliant Imaging for Research and Routine Work in Life Sciences

Pages: 22
Filesize: 2,819 kB

LD Plan-APOCHROMAT 20x/1.0

Ultra Deep Imaging for Confocal Laser Scanning and Multiphoton Microscopy

Pages: 7
Filesize: 6,253 kB

PentaFluar S - Signals from a Hidden World

Coaxial Fluorescence Module for SteREO Discovery Stereomicroscopes

Pages: 8
Filesize: 812 kB

Multidiscussion Systems

Better Orientation, Greater Flexibility, More Stability

Pages: 5
Filesize: 2,931 kB

Fluorescence LED Illumination

for ZEISS Axioscope 5

Pages: 4
Filesize: 3,506 kB

ZEISS Colibri

Una fuente de luz LED flexi ble y eficiente para la captura delicada de imágenes de fluorescencia

Pages: 23
Filesize: 1,813 kB