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New samples or tasks may challenge the boundaries of your current microscopy instrumentation. Upgrade your microscope when there’s no budget for the latest instrument generation. Benefit from additional functionality, improved performance or extended microscope lifetime – to gain your required microscopy results fast in this ever-changing world.

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Upright and Inverted Microscopes

To analyze samples like stained tissue selections, brain slices or zebrafish embryos, upright microscopes are your tool of choice. On the other hand, inverted microscopes are perfect for quick assessments in routine research and tissue culture.

Upgrades for the following series:

  • Axio Imager
  • Axio Observer
  • Axio Examiner
  • Axioscope
  • Axio Vert
  • Axiolab
  • And others

Stereo and Zoom Microscopes

A stereo zoom microscope as well as stereomicroscopes generate laterally precise and three-dimensional images for your microscope applications. These microscopes allow extended working distances and provide large object fields.

Upgrades for the following series:

  • Axio Zoom.V16
  • Stereo Discovery
  • Stemi 305
  • Stemi 508
  • And others

Laser Scanning Microscopes

Laser scanning or confocal microscopes generate the image by scanning a sample sequentially point by point, line by line or multiple points at once. They are ideally suited for sensitivity demanding applications in life sciences as well as for topographic tasks on materials surfaces.

Upgrades for the following series:

  • LSM 980
  • LSM 900
  • LSM 880
  • LSM 800
  • LSM 780
  • LSM 710
  • LSM 700


With ZEISS FIB-SEMs, you benefit from a 3D nano-workstation. Combine imaging and analytical performance of a field emission scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM) with the processing ability of a focused ion beam (FIB).

Upgrades for the following series:

  • Crossbeam series
  • AURIGA series
  • NVision series
  • NEON series
  • 15xx XB series


Get high resolution images in excellent quality even from challenging samples, conveniently and fast - with Gemini technology. Gemini optics stands for more than 20 years of experience in field emission scanning electron microscopy (FE-SEM).

Upgrades for the following series:

  • GeminiSEM series
  • MERLIN series
  • Sigma series
  • ULTRA series
  • SUPRA series
  • 15xx series


ZEISS C-SEMs deliver high resolution surface information and superior materials contrast.
They scan a sample with a focused electron beam and deliver images with information about the samples’ topography and composition.

Upgrades for the following series:

  • EVO series

ZEISS Xradia Versa

Extend the limits of your exploration with non-destructive sub-micron X-ray imaging from the Xradia Versa Microscopes. The most advanced model in the Xradia Versa family builds on industry-best resolution and contrast, expanding the boundaries of non-destructive

Upgrades for the following series:

  • Xradia 620 Versa
  • Xradia 610 Versa
  • Xradia 520 Versa
  • Xradia 510 Versa
  • Xradia 410 Versa

ZEISS Xradia Ultra

Achieve spatial resolution down to 50 nm with ZEISS Xradia Ultra, the highest among lab-based X-ray imaging systems. With unique X-ray optics adapted from synchrotron technology, image in 3D a wide range of materials such as polymers, ceramics, rocks and metals.

Upgrades for the following series:

  • Xradia 810 Ultra
  • Xradia 800 Ultra

ZEISS Xradia Context microCT

Achieve non-destructive 3D X-ray micro-computed tomography imaging with large field of view using ZEISS Xradia Context. With a robust stage and flexible software-controlled source/detector positioning, you can image large, heavy and tall samples in their full 3D context, as well as small samples with sub-micron resolution and detail.

Upgrades for the following series:

  • Xradia Context microCT