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Drug discovery through development to market entry is an incredibly complex and costly process with many challenging phases. You may work in fundamental research of disease pathogenesis or in identification of potential drug targets. You could be screening for effective treatments or managing manufacturing of your product for delivery to patients.

No matter the stage, impeccable, reliable data is of critical importance for you to make strategic business decisions that guide your investment of costly resources.

ZEISS solutions are here to help you minimize your costs and expedite your time to market.

Female chemist looking at white pill, new medication testing in laboratory

Neurospheres. Sample: courtesy of H. Braun, LSM Bioanalytik GmbH, Magdeburg, Germany.

Early and Basic Research

Before you can decide on possible drug targets, a comprehensive understanding of disease pathogenesis is critical. This early and fundamental research provides essential knowledge and the framework for you as you devise a sound strategy to pursue the next blockbuster drug development efforts.

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ZEISS Celldiscoverer 7

Drug Discovery

The drug discovery phase marks the transition from basic research to bona-fide drug development efforts and this is when momentous decisions on the strategy of your drug development programs are made. From target selection to phenotypic screening in lead ID, generating a sound strategy is crucial to ensure efficient use of R&D time and resources.

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Drug Development

A careful selection process must be put in place to systematically optimize and develop a small number of leads into viable candidates to pursue in clinical trials. Major efforts go into thoroughly understanding the mechanism of action of the lead molecules, their pharmacological and toxicological profiles as well as establishing a database to derive safe and efficacious dose regimens for first-in-human studies. In addition to this, the industry is advancing to develop ever more specialized and personalized drugs.

ZEISS ZEN core GxP Module

Drug Manufacturing and Quality Control

Be it for clinical trials or after market approval of a new drug by the regulatory authorities (FDA, EMA, NMPA etc.), the quality of your products must meet the highest standards. Adhering to good manufacturing practice (GMP) is essential to systematically avoid contamination and other product flaws. While issues in production can rarely be avoided completely, rapid identification, documentation, and resolution is essential to ensure continued authorization to manufacture and distribute the drug.