Lead ID in Drug Discovery Integrated End-to-End Solutions for High-Content Screening

The capabilities of available technology as well as our knowledge of cell biology have reached unprecedented levels. Paradoxically though, the attrition rate in drug development has yet to demonstrate clear improvements.

As the complexity of experimental approaches grows and available technology offers increasingly advanced data acquisition and analytics, success in drug development is not simply a function of technical specifications but in large part depends on your ability to leverage technology to your advantage.

The ZEISS collection of tools for high-content imaging is part of the solution for you to improve the output of your drug discovery pipeline.

ZEISS Celldiscoverer 7

Seamless Integration of Technological Building Blocks

Efficient Solutions for Your Advanced Screening Efforts

Integrated end-to-end screening solutions. 1) Flexible integration of robotics and external hardware via ZEN APIs. 2) Celldiscoverer 7 imaging system and ZEN image acquisition software for automated high-content imaging workflows. 3) arivis® Vision4D: powerful image analysis pipelines to extract actionable insights. 4) arivis® visionHub: scalable, server-based high-performance analysis and remote access to efficiently conduct large studies.

The ZEISS ZEN software is at the center of your experiments, providing access to all imaging parameters, from simple images to high-dimensional and multi-modal image acquisition, and incorporation into fully automated workflows. ZEN is also the central communication hub that interfaces with your robotic plate loaders and other 3rd party hardware components through available APIs.

To extract actionable data, easily transition to arivis Vision4D software and set up powerful image analysis pipelines in 2D, 3D and beyond. Its efficient processing framework enables you to set up your analysis pipelines from a standard laptop or desktop PC, even when working with very large datasets.

Once you have validated your image analysis pipeline, you can scale up using arivis VisionHub high-performance, server-based analysis, which can be deployed on premises or in the cloud. Finally, remote access enables easy data sharing and collaboration to boost efficiency, especially when conducting large studies across multiple sites.

High-Content Screens with Superior Quality

Take your Drug Discovery to a New Level

Superior data quality with increasingly complex assay read-outs will enable you to identify highly promising lead candidates to move to the clinic. ZEISS high-content imaging solutions can boost your drug discovery success by supporting:

  • More parameters, like a higher number of labels and dimensions, including the time domain for live-cell experiments
  • Higher information density due to better resolution and faster dynamics
  • Higher physiological relevance – a shift from simpler 2D cell culture to complex 3D models like spheroids, organoids, and organ-on-a-chip or microphysiological systems.
Neurospheres. Sample: courtesy of H. Braun, LSM Bioanalytik GmbH, Magdeburg, Germany.
ZEISS Celldiscoverer 7

ZEISS Celldiscoverer 7 is a fully automated high-content imaging system capable of screening fixed and living samples, from 2D tissue cultures in dishes or multi-well plates through to 3D cultures and organoids. Experience best-in-class imaging with superior optics and self-adjusting aberration correction for imaging deep into complex 3D model systems. The system has been designed to gently image living samples from hours to days. Celldiscoverer 7 can also be equipped with ZEISS Airyscan technology for 3D resolution beyond traditional confocal resolution and unmatched sensitivity to visualize even faint signals without phototoxic effects.

Robust and Reliable Data

Success in Drug Discovery

The ZEISS solutions for high-content imaging facilitate generation of consistent data through many facets.

First, the ZEISS Celldiscoverer 7 market leading imaging technology generates high quality data with the gentlest possible imaging, protecting your samples from light-induced perturbations.

Additionally, ZEISS provides high-quality training and support resources to enable even novice users to utilize the technology to its full potential, setting them up for success right from the start.

Beyond that, both ZEN image acquisition parameters and arivis Vision4D image analysis pipelines can be incorporated in fully automated workflows, rendering data output fully consistent and reproducible across users and throughout the timescale of your study.

Finally, the scalable arivis VisionHub analysis and data management platform includes transparent user management and audit trail functionality to ensure complete traceability of your results, even when dealing with excessively large and complex datasets.

ZEISS ZEN BioApps - Cell Counting
Automatic detection of fluorescently labelled cell nuclei in biological samples with ZEISS ZEN (blue edition).

Ease-of-Use & Flexibility

Automated Workflows and Customization

Simple, automated workflows are ideal for large-scale drug discovery because they can be highly efficient and reliable, with low risk of user error.

However, as success in discovering breakthrough therapies relies on exploring the unknown, you still need the flexibility to fine tune your imaging parameters and workflows to capture exactly the data you need.

The ZEISS solutions for high-content imaging harness easy-to-use workflows that can be adapted to the intricacies of your scientific questions. Without sacrificing functionality in any of the building blocks, our workflow automation spans third-party hardware, image acquisition, processing, and analysis.

ZEISS Celldiscoverer 7

Beyond this, if you require a specific solution that cannot be readily compiled from the existing components, the ZEISS Solutions Lab team is ready to expand the possibilities and customize your unique solution to finetune your data collection process, automate your data analysis and streamline your overall workflow.

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