Fine geometric measurements

Fine Geometric Measurements

When assessing the quality of components, it is often necessary to determine geometric properties in hard to reach areas of the component. For example, these can be thicknesses of galvanic coatings or surface-hardened components. Conventional (non-destructive) methods, e.g. in workpiece edges or grooves, quickly reach their limits here. Microscopic methods make it possible to detect even the smallest geometric features of components. 


Application Examples

Layer thickness measurements on a lithium-ion battery
Lithium-ion batteries are composed of thin film electrodes (anode and cathode) which are electrically insulated from each other by a porous plastic separator. The electrode films in turn consist of aluminum and copper foils which are usually coated with a porous active material on both sides. The thickness of the electrode coating is decisive for the properties of the accumulator.

Review of Smartphone displays
For Smartphone displays, the image is generated by small self-luminous LEDs. By means of suitable microscopic systems, the function of these LEDs can be checked quickly.

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