Particle Analysis

Analyze Any Particle

In Particle Analysis a digital image of a sample is analyzed in terms of number, size and size distribution of particles. Depending on the application, the particles can be metal tailings or other contaminants - for example when looking at the cleanliness of fluids and machine parts - crystallites or pores, defects or bubbles. In all cases, the same basic requirements apply: precise measurements, high resolution, motorized stages and mosaic images as well as image analysis software.

Residual Dirt

One typical and important application is residual dirt determination. Many industries are required to assure and document the cleanliness of their products on the basis of industry standards and guidelines. A manufactured part may be covered with dirt particles, residues and contaminants. Random components are rinsed with a defined amount of fluid, which is then pressed through a filter membrane. Any dirt is caught by the filter and can be analyzed under the microscope.

Particles and Pills

In the pharmaceutical industry, particle size and distribution of the active ingredient is often crucial for its effectiveness. This may concern the active substance in preparations as diverse as ointments and tablets. In all cases, the particle distribution needs to be detected, measured, and compared with the distribution specified in the standard or in an operating process.
Other application areas are the investigation of dirt particles in lubricants, for example for wind turbine generators, or defects in die castings. Casting defects (such as cavities and pores) can cause fractures. In order to optimise the manufacturing process, casting defects are graded according to size.

Reproducible Automation

While standards provide for measurement both with and without the use of automated image analysis, the state-of-the-art these days is automated image analysis. This should be capable of analyzing entire samples in a single step, size-grading particles automatically, achieving standard-compliant, reproducible results even for smallest particles and integrating easily into in-house test specifications.

The Complete Solution for Micro and Nano Particles

Using correlative microscopy with Shuttle & Find, you gain further information of the particles with regards to chemical composition. Here electron microscopy with EDX detection offers the key functionalities.

Recommended Products for Particle Analysis