Recommended Microscopy Products for Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering & Exploration of Biomaterials Properties

Combine Engineering With Life Sciences Research

Biomedical engineering applies engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology. This interdisciplinary approach combines engineering with life science research to improve healthcare diagnosis, monitoring, and therapeutical procedures. One challenge for you is to understand biomaterials properties and how material surfaces interact with biological tissue. For example how to minimize rejection reactions in association with implants.

Cover a Wide Range of Applications

Due to the interdisciplinary approach, your applications for microscopes and microscope solutions cover an extremely wide range, starting with stereomicroscopes for preparative tasks and handling small objects. You use light microscopes materials research applications to understand the surface and composition of metal and compounds that are in direct contact with biological material. When you need to understand interactions and functional processes within cells, fluorescence microscopes detect the signals from fluorescent proteins. Electron microscopes offer you high resolution information on material surfaces as well as sub-cellular information. The essential tool to combine all your layers of information is Shuttle & Find, our solution for correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM).

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

This dedicated field within biomedical engineering covers all the quality assurance procedures during your manufacturing processes. All implants need to be inspected following standardized procedures and legal requirements. Your microscopes and automized measurement procedures should provide you with all the data to document the quality of the components. Standardized calibration procedures ensure conformity throughout the lifetime of your product. Carl Zeiss has both dedicated instruments as well as the infrastructure to support these quality assurance and quality inspection procedures.

Recommended Products for Biomedical Engineering