ZEISS Solutions for Building Materials

Delivering insight for building materials and processes, from self-healing materials that mimic living structures to those prone to fracture, in situ, in 3D, and down to the molecular level.

  • Visualize and monitor the hydration of cement and other building materials in real time by controlling parameters such as temperature and humidity in realistic environmental conditions
  • Distinguish different phases in materials with high contrast, high resolution imaging
  • Confirm 3D subsurface features and measurements within the microstructure
  • Study fracture mechanics – from initiation to propagation – in situ under a variety of conditions, such as tension, compression, wetting, desiccation


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for Building Materials

Since the nineteenth century, concrete has become the mostly widely used material in human history. Cements, concretes and gypsum products are increasing in their complexity and chemical composition. As building around the globe increases and materials development is initiated in one place and finalized in another, materials like concrete bear deep scrutiny.

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