Geoscience Research

Understanding the fundamental processes that have shaped the earth

Geoscience Education

Training the geoscientists of tomorrow

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ZEISS Geoscience Imaging and Analysis Solutions

Enabling you to gain knowledge from your geological specimens without parallel for over 100 years

At ZEISS, we are proud to celebrate our heritage of the longest history in geoscience imaging of any company. From micropaleontology to mineralogical studies, technologies such as X-ray microanalysis and cathodoluminescence along with advances in scanning electron microscopy (SEM) are extending your research capabilities today and into tomorrow.

Geoscience Education

Training the geoscientists of tomorrow

A good understanding of geological sciences is grounded in a competence for using the available toolbox of instrumentation.

Geoscience Research

Understand the fundamental processes that have shaped the Earth

Fundamental investigations require the highest data integrity, image quality and collaboration across scientific minds. Gaining a greater understanding of the Earth on a more fundamental level is possible by achieving more sensitive measurements across a wider spectrum of techniques.
ZEISS offers the widest and most advanced portfolio of microscopy techniques spanning optical, electron and X-ray microscopy. ZEISS correlative solutions seamlessly incorporate data from analytical techniques and provide you with an easy to use environment that not only correlates images but also data, enabling global collaboration.


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