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Reducing the cost of discovery with the ability to analyze large volumes of rock samples quickly to locate mineral deposits is the key to modern exploration workflows.

Your challenge is to reduce the cost of discovery, which is made easier by using advanced techniques to identify potential mineral deposits.

Techniques to characterize elemental abundance are widely used, however greater emphasis is being placed on the need to identify the mineralogy and texture of samples. Laboratory optical microscopy analyses correlated to automated mineralogy are now key tools to understand the geological structure, synthesis and mineralization events that have shaped a potential deposit.

Unique ZEISS quantitative EDX based technology further simplifies your workflow through the ability to use automated mineralogy data to calibrate the mass spectrometer. This enables high throughput screening of specimens.  

  • Use large volume 3D rock analysis to quickly screen large amounts of samples
  • Determine distance from source in the exploration of precious metals
  • Use field-based optical microscopy to increase the detail available in order to make a discovery
  • Quickly identify mineral grains of interest that can be interrogated for their trace element abundance
  • Get an edge in the identification of the presence of indicator minerals using correlated imaging and analytical capabilities with high sensitivity chemical techniques.

During exploration, the requirement to understand the geological environment is critical to the discovery process. An accurate geological model requires that you analyze many samples of rock for the presence of mineral and elemental indicators and is extremely time consuming. Modern valuable mineral deposits are found at lower concentrations, in complex textures and often sub-surface.

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