Characterization of Sandstone

Investigating the mineralogy and microstructure of your rock using light microscopy and automated SEM-based mineralogy

ZEISS Microscopy Solutions for Sandstone Characterization

Your automated mineralogy solution for enhanced oil recovery

Siliclastic reservoirs often contain complex mineralogical distributions and sedimentalogical features that can critically influence multiphase flow behavior, with important consequences for reservoir engineering and optimization.

  • Study the details and relationships of sediments that have a direct impact on exploration and recovery challenges
  • Digitize up to 50 thin sections automatically using Axio Scan slide scanner
  • Correlate light microscope mosaics with SEM and mineralogy maps
  • Scan your sample in 3D from plug-to-pore scale using Xradia submicron and nanoscale X-ray microscopes
  • Measure and classify minerals in real-time with Mineralogic Reservoir

Application images

for Sandstone Characterization

Correlated 2D Mineralogy Workflow

Example: Polarized light images correlated to scanning electron microscopy with automated mineralogy.

Gain an in-depth look and a detailed description of the texture, composition of minerals, sedimentary structures,
grain framework, and distribution of porosity.


for Oil & Gas Applications

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