ZEISS microscopy solutions for metallurgy

Extracting quantitative data from an increasing variety of information across a challenging range of metallurgical samples

Metallography has long proved its value, enabling imaging across length scales. From large grains to tiny, fault-producing inclusions, the microstructure and chemistry of metals impact applications from infrastructure through automotive, aerospace, and consumer goods. Multiscale microscopy, spanning optical, X-ray, and electron technologies, has redefined microscopy beyond “great imaging” to come of age as a single solution to access an array of analytical information.

ZEISS provides a wide range of instrumentation for all sorts of metallographic applications to understand the microstructures in metals.

  • Measure grain size
  • Analyze banding
  • Understand crystallographic orientation
  • Study carbide distribution
  • Analyze porosity and composition 

Microstructures and crystallographic imaging is possible with several metallographic techniques using both light and electron microscopy, compositional contrasting, 2D and 3D electron back-scattered diffraction (EBSD) and channelling contrast using angle selective backscattered (AsB) imaging. These techniques allow you to routinely image grain structures and quantify crystallographic orientation relationships in metals, is instrumental for understanding and optimizing their properties (mechanical, electrical, etc.).

Automated analysis and reporting of grain size distribution and boundaries

Advanced Metallographic Techniques Using Non-destructive 3D X-ray

Additionally, you can now directly evaluate microstructural and grain-orientation evolution in situ under a variety of environmental conditions. Understanding this process on the same sample volume is key to unlocking more robust intelligence of your metal’s performance and provides you with improved modelling capabilities. This is possible with laboratory-based diffraction contrast tomography (LabDCT) using non-destructive X-rays to quantify grain orientation information without physical sectioning.

Application images

for Metallurgy

Metals are ever-more critical to the modern world, with demand increasing amid growing challenges of scarcity.

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