Vocational Training and Continuous Learning

Benefit from Vocational Teaching and Continuous Learning

Whether you want to receive a vocational training in histology, cytology, hematology or gynecology, you need to develop expertise in staining methods such as hematoxylin and eosin staining (H & E staining), sample preparation as well as observation with microscopes. Already working in a lab, continuous learning or vocational training is mandatory for you to receive certifications and meet quality requirements. You need to maintain your knowledge and skills related to your professional lives. In the training of students and postgraduates or for consultation and joint discussion of blood smear samples or stained tissue you need to have the same brilliant microscopic image at the same time for all observers. Together in a team you evaluate and discuss the samples. Use the classic multidiscussion system for training and consultation situations as well as in the medical world, for example when teaching students or when jointly assessing specimens.