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Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2021


05/30/2021 - 06/06/2021


Japan / Tokyo


The 2021 convention will be held in a new hybrid format, with the on-site sessions at Pacifico Yokohama North (Yokohama City) from May 30 (Sun) to June 1 (Tue), 2021 and the online sessions from June 3 (Thu) to 6 (Sun), 2021. We hope to provide a venue for free and open discussions and exchanges among participants by combining the advantages of each format. Making full use of the experience gained in the 2020 convention, the online sessions enable a wide range of participation and exchange of opinions. The on-site sessions will allow for free discussions as the past conventions as possible.

After the 30th anniversary of the predecessor of the Japan Earth and Planetary Sciences Joint Meeting, and the 15th anniversary of the establishment of our Union, there are further expectations for the earth and planetary science research to respond to global issues and to expand its scope to interdisciplinary and border research areas. We would like to ask for your active cooperation and participation in making the 2021 JpGU conference an ideal starting point for a new JpGU.