Do you own a ZEISS Axiovert 200/200M?

Trade-up with a special offer from ZEISS

ZEISS Trade-up Offer

Current owners of Axiovert 200/200M microscopes qualify for our Axio Observer trade-up program. Take advantage of the latest imaging technology and move up to our flexible imaging platform the NEW Axio Observer 3/ 5/ 7.


Why a trade-up?
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Expand your research with the new Axio Observer


Your Price Benefit

In our Axiovert 200/200M trade-up program you can save up to 30% on your new Axio Observer order*. The program is valid through 09/2017.


Your Functionality Benefit

The New Axio Observer is your open and flexible inverted microscope platform. We added numerous new features to the system many of those addressing in particular the aspect of automation, reproducibility and easy of use. Thus, making our flexible research platform remarkably efficient. With the new Axio Observer you are open to future applications.

Some of our Highlights in a Nutshell

Colibri 7

Ultrafast LED with outstanding brightness. With linearized intensity control with active power-calibration and real-time stabilization build in. Cost efficient and mercury free.

Some of our Highlights in a Nutshell

Fast Emission and Excitation Filter Wheels

Fast & Precise. Combine freely to generate spectral flexibility and acquisition speed with up to 64 different filter settings.

Some of our Highlights in a Nutshell

Autocorr Objective Lenses

Outstanding optics also with several autocorr objective lenses especially for imaging in 3D and in tissue.

Some of our Highlights in a Nutshell

Definite Focus.2

Definite Focus.2 to keep your sample in focus at all times even in multi-position experiments with multiple Z-Off sets.

Some of our Highlights in a Nutshell


Apotome.2 the unique extension for high contrast optical sectioning in multiple colors.

Some of our Highlights in a Nutshell

Axiocam Camera Series

Our best in class Axiocam CCD and Axiocam CMOS camera series.

Some of our Highlights in a Nutshell

GPU Processing

GPU processing based high speed deconvolution in combination with ZEN 2.3 our powerful software platform with new 3D visualization capabilities.

Take advantage of this offer now and contact us for your discount!

Save up to 30%* Trade-up Discount

*May not be combined with other promotions. Additional restrictions may apply. This offer is not applicable in all regions.

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