ZEISS Smartzoom 5

Your Smart Digital Microscope

Experience the award winning, fully automated digital microscope ideal for QA / QC and failure analysis applications in virtually every field of industry. Quick and easy to set up and fully automated, it’s so simple to operate, even untrained users will produce excellent results.


Smartzoom 5 Awards

Smartzoom 5 Features

Smart Design

Smartzoom 5 incorporates highly intelligent quality assurance and quality control analysis technologies as standard features. The optical engine combines three functions – zoom, overview camera, and coaxial illumination - in a single component. Smartzoom 5 always knows the status of all major components and corrects automatically for component variations.

Smartzoom 5 Features

Smart Workflow

Smartzoom 5 features an extraordinary macro recording and learning mode to enhance the workflow for repeat sample analyses of the same type in a step by step manner. The integrated QA/QC GUI combines with gesture control to support a seamless macro-to-detail workflow. A number of image algorithms enable automatic measurements.

Smartzoom 5 Features

Smart Output

Smartzoom 5 is the essence of reliability, delivering fast, reproducible QA/QC measurements for routine as well as failure analyses tasks. The system is fitted out with several fully automatic functions designed to enable fast, highly reliable analyses while enhancing overall productivity.

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