Sample courtesy of R. Palmer and G. Wolfstetter (University of Gothenburg)

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No day is the same. Every day presents new challenges and opportunities for your research. Projects change, priorities shift, discoveries lead to new scientific avenues. As exciting as this may be, such change poses a great challenge when dealing with limited budgets and resources.

This is where having a flexible research stack can make all the difference. By having versatile solutions that can adapt to your needs – you continue to experiment, right through the challenge.

ZEISS offers several flexible solutions that can be molded to your needs. From versatile imaging systems to software that offers custom, repeatable workflows – you will be able to find insights using these tools whatever the requirements.

So, no matter if you’re an early-stage startup or a global enterprise, ZEISS offers versatile solutions covering any situation and research challenge.

Imaging System ZEISS Elyra 7 with Lattice SIM² Your Live Imaging System with Unprecedented Resolution
  • Utilize a wealth of imaging techniques on one platform.
  • Resolve structures down to 60 nm.
  • Observe live cell dynamics at up to 255 fps.

The super-resolution microscope Elyra 7 takes you far beyond the diffraction limit of conventional microscopy: With Lattice SIM² you can now double the conventional SIM resolution and discriminate the finest sub-organelle structures, even those no more than 60 nm apart.

Elyra 7 offers fast optical sectioning and resolution improvements from 10x-63x objectives. Offering the flexibility of fast overview and large numbers of cells captured quickly or fast super-resolution images. The Elyra 7 can adapt to your needs and assays.

You don’t need to sacrifice resolution when imaging at high-speed using only the minimal exposure needed for life observation. Elyra 7 enables you to combine super-resolution and high-dynamic imaging – without the need for special sample preparation or expert knowledge of complex microscopy techniques.

Imaging System ZEISS LSM 900 with Airyscan 2 Your Compact Confocal for Gentle Multiplex Imaging and Smart Analysis
  • From super-resolution quantitative results to faster data acquisition with multiplex modes.

  • The flexibility of a traditional research microscope with a small footprint.
  • Increase your productivity with AI-powered sample detection and identification.

To pursue your scientific questions, you want only the best data quality. LSM 900 is packed with solutions for producing the best quality in confocal imaging. With each component optimized for the highest sensitivity and contrast you achieve faster scan speeds while preserving image quality, avoid photobleaching and phototoxicity with low laser powers, image weaker probes or for longer than traditional confocals.

The LSM 900 confocal when accompanied with a camera allows for an extremely flexible imaging platform. For example multiwell plates can be screened initially in widefield and cells of interest automatically reimaged in 3D high resolution with the confocal. The LSM 900 can image fixed samples, live samples and also perform interactive experiments such as automated photo manipulation.

All these high-end features fit in a small footprint and come with reduced complexity, so you’ll save valuable lab space and minimize the time required for user training.

Document Product Information
White Paper Multiplex Mode for Fast and Gentle Confocal Superresolution in Large Volumes
Video Product Trailer
Understand Your Data Completely Utilize the Power of AI for Faster, More Efficient Results
ZEN A Wide Variety of Convenient, User-Friendly Toolkits

• Comprehensive end-to-end solution for every microscopy user

• A wide variety of toolkits that make pharma & biotech research easier such as automated Smart Acquisition and intuitive image analysis

• Secure and easy control of microscopy data in ZEN Data Storage, ZEISS' cloud-based data management platform.

APEER Automated Image Analysis with Advanced AI Methods

•  APEER provides AI-driven, automated image analysis.

•  Easily train your AI model for image segmentation with no need for coding.  

•  Create and customize your image analysis application with a few clicks.  


arivis For Ultra-Powerful Processing and Next Generation Analysis

•  Flexible computing universe for scientific imaging analysis that scales, parallelizes, integrates, connects all workflows – regardless of technology or format.

• Server-based products for automated, scalable image analysis and easy, controllable, and secure data management.  

Expand Your Capabilities Go further with additional features
  • Expand Your Capabilities
    ZEN Intellesis Your Perfect Companion for Routine Data Sets

    • Intellesis applies the power of Machine Learning to segmenting multi-dimensional images, including 3D datasets, to make routine data set analysis easy.

    • Analyze images automatically and train the model to better identify objects according to your needs.

    Dataset provided by Anna Steyer and Yannick Schwab, EMBL
    APEER An Expansive Library of Powerful, Customizable Modules

    • APEER uses AI-driven, automated image analysis to analyse larger and complex data sets.

    • Pick from a huge library of pre-existing modules or create your own workflows in just a few clicks.

    • Train your model and stay focussed on your research whilst APEER automatically segments your data set.

    • If required, create your own custom pipelines in only a few clicks – without the need for code.

  • See Your Data in a Whole New Light
    Sample courtesy of William Okafornta, Core Facility Cellular Imaging (CFCI), TU Dresden
    ZEN Confidently Interact with Your Big Data

    • Quickly generate a huge 2D tile scan with multi-channels at high magnification which you can then interrogate with easy, intuitive navigation.

    • ZEN offers speed and clarity with its various 3D rendering methods to allow you to accurately visualise your complex data sets.

    arivis Vision4D For Multi-Channel 2D, 3D and 4D Images of Almost Unlimited Size

    • For 2D, 3D and 4D data sets of any size, arivis can automatically visualize, annotate, and analyze your images.

    • arivis Vision4D integrated directly into VisionVR for productive and immersive visualization and analysis in Virtual Reality.

  • Easy, Secure Data Management for Your Organization
    ZEN Data Storage Central Data Management in Connected Laboratories

    • Easily manage your laboratories from wherever in the world with ZEN Data Storage.

    • Centralise the management of everything from  microscope presets, workflows, data, and reports.

    • Enable your lab to work more efficiently by separating post-acquisition processing from acquisition and free-up time and space from your systems.

    Kindly provided by Cody Saraceno and Jeremiah J. Smith, University of Kentucky
    arivis VisionHub Scale Your Image Analysis to Get Results Faster

    • arivis VisionHub enables facilities to design and execute large-scale experiments that produce results from images, whether datasets are already stored or are actively being produced.

    • Mass quantities of microscopy data are onboarded and processed by a virtual team of computational workers. Smartly utilize processing cores in servers or workstations with the maximum speeds possible.

Service Solutions ZEISS Protect Service Agreements Highest Availability, Excellent Performance
  • Optimum performance every time
  • Minimize unexpected downtime
  • Receive the highest priority

With ZEISS Protect Service Agreements, you can be sure that your microscope operates at optimum performance every time.

With prioritized support and preventative service, ZEISS will work with you to ensure your system is up as much as possible and not disrupting your research.  

Service Solutions ZEISS Software Maintenance Agreements Unleash Your Performance with ZEISS Software Service
  • High performance with plannable cost
  • Harness all the latest features
  • Receive customized, comprehensive support

Benefit from additional services that maximize the performance of your ZEISS systems.  With ZEISS Software Maintenance Agreements, you can get the most out of your system.

Ensure your software is always up to date, benefiting from the latest capabilities, with no pricing surprises and priority support.  

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