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  • Automate the acquisition, processing, visualization, and analysis of your data.
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Time is a luxury. Everyone has their role in delivering against strict deadlines. This usually means you and your team are under pressure to provide results with complex instruments, that non-experts may struggle to operate compromising results.

ZEISS has a host of powerful instruments for various applications that don’t require a dedicated microscopy expert to operate and maintain. With our easy-to-use software, you can focus on your experiments and making that next discovery.

In addition, our software, lets research teams benefit from automating much of their routine tasks including processing, segmentation, analysis, storage and sharing of images across the organization. By avoiding repetitive, manual steps you will improve the quality and throughput of your R&D.

Imaging System ZEISS Celldiscoverer 7 Your Automated Microscope for Live Cell Imaging
  • Find and capture your sample’s interesting events automatically, all at the touch of a button, with Smart Acquisition.

  • Image your sample in confocal and widefield with Mixed Imaging Modes and get the full picture of your sample.

  • Use whatever sample carrier you like and it will be automatically recognised, providing you with easy navigation to fully interrogate your sample.

Celldiscoverer 7 is a flexible platform that allows you to perform a variety of assays from cell viability to challenging 3D time lapse experiments. Combine the ease-of-use of an automated microscope with best-in-class image quality and the flexibility of a research microscope.

So, regardless of whether you're working with 2D or 3D cell cultures, tissue, or small model organisms – you will acquire better data in a shorter time with this automated live cell imaging platform.

Video Introduction & Overview
White Paper Automation In Microscopy
Technology Note Automating Cellular Imaging with ZEISS Celldiscoverer 7
Imaging System ZEISS Axioscan 7 Your High-performance Slide Scanner for Multiplexed Fluorescence, Brightfield and Polarization
  • Fast automated scanning of up to 100 slides in a single run
  • Robust scan performance for continuous 24/7 operation
  • Ready-to-go scan profiles and intuitive wizards to customize

Axioscan 7 combines qualities that you would not expect to get in a slide scanner: high-speed digitization and outstanding image quality plus an unrivalled variety of imaging modes are all available in a fully automated and easy to operate system.

Product Information Introduction & Overview
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Software ZEISS ZEN Your Complete Solution from Sample to Knowledge
  • Acquire images using smart automation
  • Process images with scientifically proven algorithms
  • Analyze images via Machine Learning-based tools

For simple and routine works, ZEN leads you straight to the result. For complex research experiments, ZEN offers the flexibility to design multi-dimensional workflows the way you wanted.

No matter the microscopy task, ZEN offers intuitive tools to get you there efficiently.

Bio Apps Gain Insight into Your Research Efficiently

Image analysis is essential to extract meaningful information from your microscopy images. ZEN addresses this with the simple and modular Bio Apps.

Each Bio App is optimized for a specific application type, e.g., cell counting or confluency measurement, with tailored segmentation settings and streamlined data presentation.

The wizard-based ZEN Image Analysis module guides you step by step to create your unique measurements. This can use classical or AI-based methods provided by our Intellesis tools.

Intellesis Understand Your Image Faster than Ever Before

Image segmentation is one of the biggest challenges in microscopy, and it serves as the foundation for all future image analysis procedures.

ZEN Intellesis applies the power of Machine Learning to segmenting multi-dimensional images, including 3D datasets. Deeper insights can then be obtained using the Intellesis object classification tool.

Images that previously had to be processed manually can now be analyzed automatically.  

ZEN Data Storage Stay Confident When Dealing with Complex Data

ZEN Data Storage is the perfect solution for storing and sharing your microscopy images.

The platform comes with an easy-to- use web-based interface that allows you to easily manage your users, data and associated metadata to ensure appropriate user management.

Your research team can access files anywhere they have a secure connection using any device with a browser – no software installation required.  

Service Solutions ZEISS Protect Service Agreements Highest Availability, Excellent Performance
  • Optimum performance every time
  • Minimize unexpected downtime
  • Receive the highest priority

With ZEISS Protect Service Agreements, you can be sure that your microscope operates at optimum performance every time.

With prioritized support and preventative service, ZEISS will work with you to ensure your system is up as much as possible and not disrupting your research.  

Service Solutions ZEISS Software Maintenance Agreements Unleash Your Performance with ZEISS Software Service
  • High performance with plannable cost.
  • Harness all the latest features.
  • Receive customized, comprehensive support.

Benefit from additional services that maximize the performance of your ZEISS systems. With ZEISS Software Maintenance Agreements, you can get the most out of your system.

Ensure your software is always up to date, benefiting from the latest capabilities, with no pricing surprises and priority support.

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