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Are you looking for the latest advancements in microscopy? Do you want to learn from industry leaders and network with peers?

If so, then you won't want to miss out on the ZEISS booth TechTalks and Luncheon Seminars at the IMC!

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  • Leading Scientists & Speakers

ZEISS Program at IMC20

International Microscopy Congress in Busan, Korea

11 September Monday
12 September Tuesday
13 September Wednesday
14 September Thursday

Morning TechTalks

at 10.00am


Sample in Volume Analysis – a new paradigm in failure analysis

AI – Breakthrought improvement productivity through deep learning powered battery research

Dr. Stephen Kelly

Advanced Petrographic Imaging & Digitisation with Axioscan Geo

Luncheon Seminars

at 12:30pm

Precise targeting for 3D cryo-correlative light and electron microscopy volume imaging of tissues using a FinderTOP

Dr. ​Nico Sommerdijk​

X-ray microscopy in plant biology - Multiscale 3D imaging above and below the soil line

Dr. ​Keith Duncan

Afternoon TechTalks

at 3.20pm

The Power of X-Ray Microscopy in Life Science Research – Non-destructive 3D Imaging at Submicron Resolution

Dr. Bastians Philipp

How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Microscopy Image Analysis

Dr. Xianke Shi

A new dimension of confocal microscopy: robust and spatial molecular dynamics measurements with Dynamics Profiler

Dr. Kalliopi Arkoudi

Cracking the Code: Revealing Device Architecture with FIB-SEM in Logic and Memory Technologies

Yang, Yanjing

Meet The Experts Session

at 5.30pm

Q&A with Dr. Nico Sommerdijk

Q&A with Dr. Keith Duncan

Q&A with Mario Hentschel

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