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Cancer Solutions

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  • Off-the-shelf microscopy workflow solutions, from image to data
  • Tailored microscopy assay solutions
  • A strong venture partner for imaging-related innovation

Cancer assays

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Welcome to our range of customized solutions for a variety of assays used in Pharma and Biotech. Our team of experts can provide you with the necessary equipment and support to enable efficient and accurate analysis. Here are some examples of how we can help:

  • Multiplex staining assays: Our workflows can provide high-resolution imaging and automated analysis of the multiplex staining assay, resulting in more efficient and accurate sample analysis.
  • Cell viability assays: We can provide high-quality imaging and analysis to detect and quantify the viability of cells under different conditions, completely automated, with or without the use of Deep Learning algorithms.
  • Angiogenesis assays: We can provide tools for the visualization and analysis of microvessels and the quantification thereof.
  • Gene expression assays: Our solutions can provide accurate and automated image analysis to help researchers understand gene expression patterns and localization.
  • Antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC) assays: We can help quantify effector and target cells, providing high-resolution imaging and analysis for more accurate results.
  • Tumour spheroid assays: Our solution can provide tools for the visualization and analysis of spheroid growth and morphology, enabling researchers to study tumour behaviour in vitro

We understand the importance of customized solutions for these assays. Let us help you achieve your research goals more efficiently and accurately with our expertise and high-quality equipment.

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