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Young Researcher Award | Europe

New Energy Research

What is the Young Researcher Award (YRA) for?



The ZEISS Microscopy Young Researcher Award | Europe (YRA) is intended to support PhD students and postdocs whose innovative ideas in optical analysis in the context of New Energy Research make a high contribution to the development of the research field. ZEISS Microcopy sees itself as a company that promotes students with exceptional visions who thus make an important contribution to the energy transition.

  • Presentation of the personal research project
  • Experience the possibilities of the ZEISS connected workflow in New Energy Research
  • Discuss actual research topics with colleagues and experienced scientists

Criteria for selection are:

  • Enrollment as a doctoral student or post-doc within five years of earning a doctorate who is conducting a scientific project in the field of New Energy Research.
  • Submission of a short proposal that addresses a current science topic in New Energy Research. The proposed research should focus on optical measurement methods and must be submitted by 07/31/2024 to: info.microscopy.de@zeiss.com - subject: ZEISS Microscopy Young Researcher Award | Europe
  • Participation in an online event where the applicant gives a short presentation of the project, followed by a jury discussion.
  • Qualification for the final event held in December 2024

Detailed presentation of the project at the final event. ZEISS Microscopy will bear the costs for travel and accommodation at the final event. The award winner will be chosen by jury decision.

The first prize winner will win the realization of the proposed research project by five measuring days at the main plant in Oberkochen with supervision by an application specialist in the first quarter of 2025. X-ray-, electron- and light-microscopes can be used here. The results can be used to produce a joint publication.



  • 11.30 AM


    12 AM

    Buns and Snacks

    1 PM

    Proposal session 1

    1.45 PM

    Light Microscopy in Battery Research

    2.30 PM

    Coffee Break

    3 PM

    Proposal session 2

    3.45 PM

    Electron Microscopy in Battery Research

    4.30 PM

    Closing Remarks

    6.30 PM


  • Book your demo

    9.00 AM

    Proposal session 3

    9.45 AM

    CT and Micro CT in Battery

    10.30 AM

    Proposal session 4

    11.15 AM

    ZEISS as an employer

    12 AM

    Buns and Snacks

    1 PM

    Image Analysis in Battery Research

    2 PM

    Site Tour

    3 PM

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