ZEISS Imaging Solutions for Catalysts, Chemistry, Coatings and Corrosion

in Waterborne Systems

A materials revolution is happening as we strive to develop sustainably and to reduce and reverse our impact on our environment. Increasingly, we turn to aqueous systems to perform the roles that previously may have involved harmful solvents, and in doing so, discover and exploit new chemistries and materials.

ZEISS imaging systems provide powerful detail for your analysis of corrosion in waterborne systems

Application examples

Thermal barrier coating: view interior structures, voids and
cracks without inducing artificial cracks or delamination,
ZEISS Xradia Versa 3D X-ray Microscope (XRM)

Characterizing new materials down to the nanometer scale

Including the structure, composition and crystallography, leads us to greater understanding of their role in the future of our world. The interfaces between phases, substrates and coatings, the structure of polymers and chemicals, the morphology of active particles on catalysts, and the performance of metals in aqueous systems are of particular importance.

Taking your research to the next level

ZEISS high resolution light, electron and X-ray imaging and compositional analysis solutions provide you with multiscale insight that can drive improvements in materials development, and your grasp of complex failure mechanisms. Whether your requirement is to examine material interfaces, surface defects and topography, perform microstructural analysis, cross-sectional composition analysis or non-destructive analysis through bulk material, we provide the illuminating solutions for maximum understanding of waterborne chemistries.

Discover the Details

Surface of 9% chromium steel exposed to elevated temperatures in air, showing corrosion scale. Brightfield images on Axio Imager Z2.m. Sample courtesy of TWI Ltd.

The ruptured surface of the polymer imaged under Variable Pressure gives insight into adhesion of two attached polymers. SEM used for failure analysis and quality control of polymer welding process. 5 kV, WD 5, 45Pa, C2D detector.

Teflon tape, imaged with secondary electrons at 20 kV, ZEISS Sigma VP FE-SEM

Coating breach imaged in 3D confocal microscopy, ZEISS LSM 710

Unlock the power to engineer new polymers and chemicals material properties for the 21st century and beyond

Discover the latest microscopy advancements for your polymer research

The sample shows a very soft porous polymer with urethane backbone. High contrast XRM imaging of low Z materials  in situ  with varying temperatures and compression. Simulation of fluid flow demonstrates absolute permeability of sample.


ZEISS Microscopy Solutions for Polymers and Chemicals Research

Understand structure-property-process relationships, meet challenging customer
demands and reduce production costs while keeping ahead of the competition.

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Titel of Application Note: Whole-particle Liberation Studies

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