3D X-ray Microscopy

Know Before You Go: Visualize in 3D Without Altering Your Defect

Improve success rates & efficiency for semiconductor package failure analysis

While searching for the root cause of problems in your device,
3D X-ray microscopy (XRM) can help you…

  • Avoid mechanical sample preparation and cross sectioning
  • Preserve sample integrity and avoid sample preparation artifacts
  • Visualize defect size and failure types
  • Clearly communicate findings to stakeholders and partners
  • Develop a plan for subsequent physical FA techniques

ZEISS 3D XRM Enables Accurate Insights

  • Unique optics provide non-destructive imaging of intact samples with submicron resolution
  • Intuitive, true 3D visualization​ with unlimited 2D “virtual cross sections” from any angle
  • AI-enabled software enables high-speed data acquisition and high contrast imaging
  • Hardware flexibility ensures optimized signal strength, throughput, and resolution on every sample
  • Easy navigation to any site in the sample allows accurate and fast set ups

Non-Destructive 3D XRM for Failure Analysis

Take a Deeper Dive into How XRM is Used to Transform Your FA Workflow


  • Electronics Failure Analysis Brochure

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  • Tech Brief: Non-destructive FA using 3D XRM

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