Virtual System Demonstration

ZEISS AI Sample Finder

June 15, 2021 | 12:00 pm EDT

Use Artificial Intelligence to drive Efficiency in your Microscopy Setup

Reduce your time to experiment and analysis from minutes to seconds

In this live demonstration you will see a new way to operate your microscope. Be amazed how easy it is to acquire images from a wide range of samples in a variety of conditions. Reduce the time it takes to start your imaging from minutes to just seconds and start your experiments right away. With a few clicks, perform quantitative image analysis based on Neuronal Networks with our new BioApps in ZEN 3.4.

With classical microscopes, functions such as calibrating your sample carrier, finding the focus and identifying the regions you wish to image all require manual adjustments. The AI Sample Finder automates this sequence entirely. Even low-contrast and translucent samples can be found. AI Sample Finder enables you to view your entire sample with unmatched speed and ease. The sample carrier and sample areas are automatically identified using Deep Learning Neuronal Networks. AI Sample Finder and ZEN Connect rapidly generate a multimodal compilation of all your images from overview to super resolution, even across different microscopes. Navigating and documenting your experiments has never been easier. And now with our new BioApps, you can perform single click image analysis allowing quantitative measurements on your data. These features are available on both widefield and confocal systems running ZEN Blue 3.4.

This unique technology may also be suitable for enhancing the experience of using your current ZEISS Axio Observer 7, LSM 900 and LSM 980 systems. Please contact your local representative.

Key Learnings

  • Rapidly generate a navigable overview image with assigned sample regions with minimal user interaction
  • Use deep-learning algorithms for automatic calibration of carriers, such as well plates
  • Capture fast, detailed overviews using a novel contrasting technique
  • Benefit from using AI Sample Finder by integrations into all your imaging workflows


  • ZEISS AI Sample Finder - Gert Sonntag (10 min)
  • System Demonstration - Dr. Frank Vogler (35 min)
  • Q&A (15 min)


Dr. Frank Vogler

In his PhD and postdoctoral studies at the University of Regensburg, Frank studied cell polarity establishment and polarized tip growth using molecular biology, biochemistry, and quantitative live cell imaging techniques. He joined ZEISS in 2018 as an application specialist for automated and confocal imaging.

Dr. Frank Vogler Regional Sales Manager
ZEISS Research Microscopy
Gert Sonntag

Gert has been a sales and application specialist at ZEISS since 2001. As an expert in 3D imaging, Gert supports key account customers in Germany and Southeastern Europe. In recent years, he established numerous workshops in our demo centers and also in the customer environment.

Gert Sonntag 3D Imaging Specialist
ZEISS Research Microscopy

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