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Downloads for Confomap
For Smartproof 5, LSM 800 for Materials and Smartzoom 5

Confomap 7.4 Update (93.5MB)

The update will provide several bugfixes and new features.

Upgrades from ConfoMap 7.2 or 7.3 to ConfoMap 7.4 are possible and do not require to exchange the license file. The upgrade does not require a recalibration of the hardware.

Compatible systems: Smartproof 5, LSM 800 for Materials and Smartzoom 5 in combination with Confomap 7.
Installation is recommended for all compatible systems.

Important notes: This Update will install ConfoMap 7.4.8076. It can be installed by the local system administrator and does not require installation by a ZEISS service technician. The installation routine requires computer administrator privileges.

via FTP-protocol
via HTTP-protocol
Release Notes

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