Laser Scanning Microscopy

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Laser Scanning Microscopy

LSM 700 - Biomedical Applications

  • Description

    Laser Scanning Microscopy is a standard method in biomedical research. Excellent knowledge of its theory and application is a prerequisite for experimental success.

    This course provides detailed knowledge about point scanning confocal microscopes in respect to its assembly, features, and application in biomedical sciences.

    Topics • Principles of point scanning LSM
      • Beam paths and configurations of the LSM 700
      • Variable Secondary Dichroic Beamsplitter (VSD)
    • Emission filters and avoiding Crosstalk
    • Image acquisition and optimization
    • Multi fluorescent imaging and channel linear unmixing
    • Acquisition of Lambda stacks and Linear unmixing
    • Basic image analysis and Colocalization
    • 3D image acquisition and reconstruction
    • System maintenance and care (SMT, ConfigTool, MTB)
    • Objective lenses selection for Laser Scanning Microscopy

    All hands on will be exercised on LSM 7-generation systems (LSM 700) using the ZEISS ZEN software.
    Prerequisites A basic knowledge in laser scanning microscopy is recommended.
    Date April  15 - 16, 2014
    Participants max. 4
    Duration 2 days, 9 am - 5:30 pm
    Language English
    Course Fee 1020,00 € for a two day course excl. tax;
    Course material and lunch are included.
    Location Carl-Zeiss-Promenade 10
    07745 Jena
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