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VBA Course

User Training for AxioVision

VBA Course

VBA User Training for AxioVision

Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH, Kistlerhofstrasse 75, 81379 Munich, Germany
Duration: 4 days, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Participants: min. 3, max. 6
Users who are familiar with Visual Basic, AxioVision and image processing and who want to create own VBA routines.
Course Fee: Please ask your local ZEISS representative.
Prerequisites: good knowledge in Visual Basic (or other object-oriented programming language) and AxioVision, valid licence of AxioVision VBA
General: The participants will be acquainted with the basics of the AxioVision object model. The most important AxioVision objects (camera, microscope, image, annotations, image processing, measurement, dialogs) will be illustrated. The comprehension of the AxioVision object model will be improved by means of practical exercises.
Topics: - Introduction in VBA for AxioVision
- Basics and utilities for VBA programming
- Overview of the AxioVision object model
- Explanations of the AxioVision objects with Hands On exercises
- Practical applications (generation of VBA projects)

All hands on will be exercised on an Lightsheet Z.1 system using the ZEISS ZEN software.

If you have further questions, please contact:
  courses .microscopy .de @zeiss .com
Phone: +49 89 90 9000 800
Fax:      +49 89 90 9000 802