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As researchers, you wield curiosity to create an ever-changing world. Your discoveries present a need for our society to adopt and adapt to that new understanding.  Throughout the past two years we have all been finding new ways to adapt to the changing times. We all jumped into a world of digital efficiencies. We have encountered new ways to work, new avenues for interpersonal connections, new approaches to previous hurdles.  As your partner, we have used that drastic change to recalibrate how we serve you.

This year at Cell Bio 2022, we are bringing those digital efficiencies to our in-person booth with an eye on sustainability.  Come and interact with researcher discoveries on our interactive wall, see our products in a VR showroom, or remote into our ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center for a live product introduction. Register for our Tech Talk presentations to hear from researchers like you, who have surmounted the challenges of the last two years to find their discoveries.  We believe that you are the power behind what's possible, let us help you find efficiencies to achieve your discoveries, faster.

Tech Talk Presentations

Attend daily presentations from researchers like you.

  • Automated Image Capture, Segmentation & Analysis of 3D-organoids using Machine-learning Techniques


    Organoids are self-assembling, simplified model systems of organs grown in-vitro that have gained enormous interest for modelling tissue development and disease, as well as personalized medicine, drug screening and cell therapy. Despite considerable success in culturing physiologically relevant organoids, several challenges remain in quantifying data from these model systems, including major hurdles in optical imaging, sectioning, robust image analysis and storage of large data sets associated with 3D biology. Even though organoids hold the potential to usher in more predictable and accurate research, the challenges they present require practical solutions before their use can be applied on a large scale and their potential unlocked. In this talk, we will discuss a real-word case study of how ZEISS has overcome these difficulties in accurate 3D image capture and true 3D volumetric data analysis. We present a unified digital ecosystem through a combination of unique hardware capabilities, automated imaging workflows, and machine learning to make tomorrow’s scientific breakthroughs possible today. From image to results – ZEISS has connected the entire workflow for complex biological assays.

    Presented by: Ryan Jacobs, Business Development Manager, Biotech/Pharma, ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions

    Ryan Jacobs, Business Development Manager, Biotech/Pharma, ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions

  • Expanding Your Scanning Electron Microscopy into 3-Dimensions and Beyond: Exploring the Power of Volume Electron Microscopy Techniques in Cell Biology


    The incredible power of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) to provide high resolution structural insights in a wide range of biological samples is well appreciated. However, improvements in technological capabilities, correlative imaging, and sample management have enabled the expansion of these insights into even larger 2D areas as well as 3D volumes, transforming our understanding of cell biology. This talk will explore how ZEISS is using array tomography, scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM), room temperature and cryo capable focused ion beam (FIB)-SEM, multi-modal imaging, and large area EM acquisition to reveal 3D cellular ultrastructure at ultra-high resolution. Join us to learn how you can use these assorted approaches to increase the area or volume you capture using SEM, explore examples of how these methods have revealed new cellular insights and expanded the scope of biological questions that can be addressed, and hear about the advantages provided by each approach in expanding your cellular research into 3-dimensions and beyond.

    Presented by:  Aubrey Funke, Product Marketing Manager, Life Science EM and XRM, ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions

    Aubrey Funke, Product Marketing Manager, Life Science EM and XRM, ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions

  • Live Cell Imaging the Easy Way: The Complete ZEISS Solution that You Can Run From Your Desk


    Live cell imaging doesn’t have to be hard. It is a powerful tool in understanding development, cell to cell interactions and evaluating drug efficacy, but accomplishing stable long-term imaging poses many challenges beyond just controlling environmental conditions. Advances in hardware have overcome hurdles in focus drift, well plate calibration, high resolution timelapse imaging, and lens adaption for vessel material, bottom thickness and media refractive indices. ZEISS AI Sample Finder, Definite Focus 3, autocorrect objectives and fully integrated incubation, allow you to spend less face time with the microscope, enabling more freedom and efficiency in your work. Combined with ZEN Bio Apps one-click analysis and ZEN Connect project documentation and navigation and we offer a complete solution to support your research. Power on the microscope, place your sample on the stage and the rest you can do from your desk, a different campus or home. Whether you are looking at long term live cell imaging, fixed cell screening, or whole tissue imaging, each of these advancements work together to make microscopy easier and more reliable by reducing the burden on the user. Join us to learn about the latest advances in live cell imaging and see how the ZEISS ecosystem saves you time and money. Achieve high quality live cell imaging, the easy way.

    Presented by:  Elise Shumsky, Head of Product Application Sales Specialists, ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions

    Elise Shumsky, Head of PASS, ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions

Live Microscopy Workflow Sessions

As part of a commitment to sustainability, ZEISS has chosen not to ship instrumentation to Cell Bio this year. We are excited to offer you an engaging and interactive alternative by connecting you directly with our microscopes and applications experts in Washington, D.C., directly from the tradeshow floor.


Browse the microscopy workflows we're showcasing at the booth and fill out the form below to request a session.  

  • AI Sample Finder Makes Imaging and Analysis of 96 Well Plates Easy

    One-click Detection, Imaging and Quantification

    See how easily multiwell plates can be imaged, cells counted and heatmaps generated. Artificial Intelligence steps in to calibrate, focus, segment and count.

    With a single click of a button on the system, your multi well plate is detected, calibrated, imaged and quatified. Screening has never been easier.

  • Discover How Accessible Lattice Light Sheet Technology Really is with ZEISS Lattice Lightsheet 7

    Go Beyond the Diffraction Limit with ZEISS Elyra 7 with Lattice SIM²

    Airyscan Multiplex Modes for Fast and Gentle Live Cell Super-resolution

    See how to perform rapid volume imaging of even your most sensitive samples with next to no phototoxicity and bleaching.

    Explore your sample over different scales from high quality overview images to super-resolution of live samples with Lattice SIM² then quantify those results with image analysis tools.

    See how Airyscan Multiplex modes enable fast and gentle live super-resolution imaging.

  • Increase Your Spectral Palette and Number of Markers to Gain the Most Spatial Context From Your 3D Neuroscience Applications

    See how the latest improvements to our LSM 980 spectral capabilities enable the imaging of several markers in the same brain tissue section. New tools such as LSM Plus will further improve resolution, single to noise, and lead to faster acquisition times.

  • Flexible and Efficient High-Resolution Imaging and Analytics

    Explore your sample in a variety of ways with ZEISS GeminiSEM 460- see the power of Atlas large area and mosaic imaging or discover TEM-like imaging with your SEM using Sense BSD. Experience high-resolution, high contrast ultrastructural imaging with a new degree of speed and image quality.

Request a Workflow Session

Thank you for your interest! Pre-registration is no longer available. To request a workflow session at Cell Bio please stop by our reception desk at booth #1319!

You can also request an in-person or virtual demo with the ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center at your convenience:

ZEISS Software Solutions

Images don't equate to science unless you can make sense of the data...

Our goal is to enable discovery and accelerate your research via the interconnected ZEISS Digital Ecosystem by making it easier to extract meaningful data in an automated, scalable fashion. No matter your application or stage of research, ZEISS has a software solution to fit your needs. Stop by our booth at ASCB to see how we're harnessing AI and deep-learning to scale image analysis and decipher complex data.  

Careers at ZEISS

We are hiring!

Attending Cell Bio 2022 and looking for the next step in your career?

Visit us at booth #1319 during the show to talk to us about career opportunities and current job openings at ZEISS.