Stereo and Zoom Microscope Upgrades

For an Increased Life Time and Extended Functionality


Bring your confocal imaging to the next level.

Create optical sectioned images of your fluorescent samples with ApoTome.2. With structured illumination, in focus light can be easily separated from out of focus image blur. The result is amazing image quality from an economical, easy-to-use, compact device.


  • No lasers to maintain
  • Three grids included to match a variety of objectives
  • Robust optical sectioning


Information on appropriate illumination


Many illumination solutions available on request.
To make sure the choice of Illumination meets your requirements, please contact your local representative.

Microscope Cameras

Fast and Efficient Digital Imaging with ZEISS Axiocams

Axiocam Family

Visualization and Documentation

The Atomic Force Microscope adds calibrated, atomic-level, 3D resolution and high resolution measurements to the existing SEM functionalities.


  • Capture high-resolution images
  • Impressive price-performance ratio
  • Maximum light sensitive
Detailed Information


Optical Performance Counts When Your Research Pushes the Boundaries

For many parts of a microscope, the optical performance is key. Choose the best objectives for your system. ZEISS provides high experience in building world-class optics to find the objectives dedicated for your application.


  • Extensive portfolio-unlimited choices
  • Dedicated live cell objectives, temperature isolated, multiple immersion media
  • Find the specific parameters on our online objective database
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Software & Workstation

Explore our latest software versions and extended functionality through license options as well as the current recommended high performance PC-Hardware to optimize your systems performance


Save Time and Work More Efficiently

Upgrade to a new, more powerful computer with ample storage, RAM and CPU power. Get the latest version of ZEN imaging software to benefit from its newest features and the most advanced flexible and intuitive graphical interface.


  • Most advanced flexible interface
  • Ample storage
  • Ease of use

ZEN imaging Software

Superb Imaging Through Smart Modules & Improved Functions

ZEN imaging Software is a modular image acquisition, processing and analysis software for digital microscopes. Providing various enhancements to your workflow and functionallity to save time, reduce training and support costs. Additional modules lead you quickly and comfortable to your results.


  • Secure format for important data
  • automatic or interactive information provision
  • great contrast of fluorescence signals
Detailed Information
Your guide to ZEN upgrades:
  • Interactive tool to learn more about ZEN
  • Easy software upgrade guide
  • Workstation compatibility information
  • Learn more about available additional software funtionallity
  • Additional information about ZEN core

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Software Module Catalog

Extend the Functionality and Performance of Your Microscope

Add new and improve existing functionality through our broad range of licenses which will help you to improve your processes, ease the use of your system and have tools to receive more information.


  • Improve your process by new functionality
  • More comfortable usage


See Your Sample in a New Way

The standard ConfoMap® ST package, based on MountiansMap® software from Digital Surf, includes numerous analytical studies. Geometric studies calculate distances, angles, areas, volumes and step heights on 2D profiles and 3D surfaces.


  • Highest quality surface imaging
  • Fast reporting
  • Ease of use