3D X-ray Microscopy: Capabilities Beyond Micro CT

Unique architecture provides higher resolution, better contrast

Looking for a micro CT for research or development work? Have you considered 3D X-ray Microscopy, a higher resolution alternative to micro CT?

Carl Zeiss X-ray Microscopy (formerly Xradia, Inc.) manufactures high-resolution 3D tomographic imaging instruments that feature a fundamentally different architecture than traditional micro CT.

Drawing on innovations first developed for synchrotron-based instruments, ZEISS X-ray microscopes uniquely employ scintillator-coupled optics as an integral part of the X-ray detector. Radically different from traditional micro CT flat panel technology, they are true 3D X-ray microscopes.

The result enables researchers to visualize and quantify internal structures (resolution down to 50nm) with unprecedented levels of resolution and contrast in a laboratory-based instrument, significantly beyond micro CT. Additionally, resolution does not degrade as sample size increases with our XRM architecture, which achieves high resolution at large working distances that is not possible with micro CT, and enables imaging of intact large or bulky samples.

Download whitepaper to learn about 3D X-ray Microscopy and how it differs from micro CT, and application use cases