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Expand your Spatial Biology applications with the suite of ZEISS Multiplex Imaging and Software solutions

Explore the ZEISS options for advanced multiplexing applications including the new Axioscan 7 and NIR for the LSM 980. Let our ZEN software guide you in quickly going from placing your sample to getting quantitative data.


Near-infrared Imaging Allows You to Conduct New Experiments

Expand Your Spectral Range

Expanding your spectral range into the NIR allows you to use more labels in parallel. Visualize additional structures with more dyes in your multi-color experiments, with the Quasar and NIR detectors efficiently supporting spectral multiplexing experiments. NIR fluorescent labels are less phototoxic for living samples due to the longer wavelength. This allows you to investigate living samples for longer periods of time while limiting the influence of light. Additionally, light of longer wavelength ranges is less scattered by the sample tissue, increasing penetration depth.

For any of the advantages you pursue with NIR labels, the dual-channel NIR detector combines two different detector technologies (extended red GaAsP and GaAs) for optimal sensitivity up to 900 nm.

  • Increased Spectral Range
    Unravel the complex interactions in spatial biology.
  • Increased Depth Penetration
    Increase your depth information with emerging NIR dye technology for live animal imaging.
  • Less Phototoxicity
    Image your samples more gently and/or for longer periods of time.
Typical spectral quantum efficiency (QE) of ZEISS LSM 980 detectors, including NIR.

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ZEN BioApps: From beautiful images to valuable data – analyze your images efficiently.

Image with More Sensitivity

LSM 980 brings you the best of two worlds to image your most challenging samples. You get the light efficient beam path of the LSM 9 family with up to 36 simultaneous channels for full spectral flexibility up to the near infrared (NIR) range. Plus, when you combine it with Airyscan 2, this revolutionary area detector extracts even more information from your sample in less time. This lets you image faint signals with 4 – 8 times higher signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). You don‘t need to close a pinhole to get super-resolution, which makes your 3D imaging even more light efficient.

Increase Your Productivity

It’s never been easier to set up complex confocal live cell imaging experiments. ZEN microscopy software puts a wealth of helpers at your command to achieve reproducible results in the shortest possible time.

AI Sample Finder helps you quickly find regions of interest, leaving more time for experiments. Smart Setup supports you in applying best imaging settings for your fluorescent labels. Direct Processing enables parallel acquisition and data processing. ZEN Connect keeps you on top of everything, both during imaging and later when sharing the whole story of your experiment.

Explore More ZEISS LSM 980 Applications

ZEISS Axioscan 7 for your Slide Scanning Multiplexing Experiments

Highly Productive Fluorescence Imaging

Speed, gentle treatment and the optimal wavelength are critical when it comes to multispectral fluorescence imaging. Axioscan 7 employs swift and reproducible LED illumination, fast filter wheels, and a sophisticated filter concept to efficiently separate a broad range of fluorescence channels.

  • Shortest possible exposure times for maximum specimen protection
  • Fast switching between up to 9 fluorescence channels
  • Perfect spectral separation for advanced fluorescence multiplexing applications
  • Unparalleled information density without compromising data quality
Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) tissue stained with UltiMapper I/O PD-L1 kit.

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Widefield Solutions for Multiplex Imaging

Speed up your time to imaging and automate your results using AI technology

Take the Work out of Imaging

Let Smart Setup guide you through the experiment design and watch AI Sample Finder automatically find your sample region. Even with low-contrast samples, you will quickly obtain an overview image to access relevant regions with just a click. Reduce the time to image from minutes to just seconds and start your experiment right away. Use ZEN Connect to catalog, correlate, and navigate, keeping it all together even across different microscopes.

AI Sample Finder

  • Detect, Calibrate, Focus and Find
  • Hands-free, Damage free and trouble free
  • Tissue regions are automatically detected and imported into experiment setup

ZEN Connect

  • Catalog images automatically within a single project
  • Correlate samples across different microscope modalities WF to Super Res to EM
  • Navigate within your images to drive the stage for further acquisition

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Colibri 7 – Flexible and Super-Fast

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