50 nm, Non-destructive, Synchrotron-quality Nano CT, In Your Lab

Did you know ZEISS Xradia Ultra is the only true lab-based nanoscale 3D X-ray microscope in the world?

PEFC Catalyst Layer
Through Silicon Vias
Two Osteocyte Lacunae with Canalicular Network

Join some of the world's top research facilities and explore nanoscale resolution for: materials science, life sciences, natural resources and semiconductor research.

Unique capabilities of 3D X-ray microscopy:

  • Non-destructive 3D imaging down to 50 nm resolution: for true nanoscale CT
  • In situ (over time, under varying conditions) research capabilities
  • Correlative imaging: bridge the gap between micro CT and electron microscopy
  • Zernike phase and absorption contrast for a wide variety of materials
  • 3D nanoscale imaging under load for mechanical testing: compression, tension and indentation
  • Unique ZEISS X-ray optics

Download the product brochure: "Nanoscale X-ray Imaging: Explore at the Speed of Science" to learn more about the ZEISS Xradia Ultra product family and some of the emerging applications and use cases

What our customers are saying:

"In situ nanomechanical testing in the Xradia Ultra X-ray microscope has enabled us to link the nanoscale 3D structure of a material directly to its performance. For the first time we can now undertake time-lapse 3D imaging with phase contrast to follow the nucleation and growth of defects and cracks in both natural and synthetic nanostructured materials." Read more.

-Philip Withers, Professor of Materials Science, University of Manchester

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