Know Before You Go: 3D X-ray Visualization
Without Altering Your Defect​

Improving Efficiency and Success Rate for Semiconductor Package
Failure Analysis​

While searching for the root cause of problems in your device, how can you..​.

  • Avoid opening or modifying your package?​
  • Know what the defect looks like? What’s the size and failure type?​
  • Be certain your sample hasn’t been disturbed by the preparation or analysis?​
  • Clearly communicate findings to stakeholders and partners?​
  • Develop a plan for applying additional physical FA techniques?​

ZEISS 3D X-ray microscopy (XRM) helps address these problems by:

  • Performing non-destructive analysis​
  • Analyzing intact packages​
  • Visualizing submicron details​
  • Enabling intuitive 3D visualization​
  • Providing unlimited 2D “virtual cross sections”​

Take a deeper dive into how XRM is used to transform your FA workflow​

Advanced packaging failure analysis is complex – but understanding how to apply 3D X-ray imaging doesn’t have to be. Access this series of Tech Briefs to become an expert on the key advantages of incorporating XRM into your package FA workflow.