Effortless Imaging at Subnanometer Resolution

Image effortlessly in your research, industrial lab or imaging facility with GeminiSEM. It allows sub-nanometer resolution and high detection efficiency, even in variable pressure mode. The new variable pressure mode makes you feel like you’re working in high vacuum.

Notable Features

  • Resolves nm detail even below 50V
  • Increased detection efficiency by up to a factor of 20 in low kV regime
  • Gain the most information on any sample by full in-lens detection in VP mode
  • Inlens EsB detector for energy filtering and detection of low voltage BSE
  • High sensitivity and flexible contrast tuning in STEM and backscattered imaging
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Featured Applications

Nanometer spaced FeO(OH) crystals
Nanometer spaced FeO(OH) crystals. L. Maniguet, INP Grenoble, France.


Image carbon nanostructures, engineeredand self organized nanosystems, and nanocomposite materials at high resolution. The GeminiSEM 500 Nano-twin lens lets you image beam-sensitive, nanoscalestructures with minute detail at low beam energy. The efficient detection allows you to operate at low currents for minimum beam damage, while enjoying excellent materials contrasts.

Featured Applications

Lithium ion battery cathode
Lithium ion battery cathode. T. Bernthaler, Materials Research Institute, Germany.

Batteries & Fuel Cells

Understand the aging process of batteries. GeminiSEM 500 enables comprehensive characterization for battery development on one system. Thanks to its low voltage and low current imaging capabilities, you can observe sensitive binder and separator materials free of damage. At the same time full analytical capabilities are available for compositional analysis of electrode materials.

Featured Applications

FinFET transistor, top view, 22 nm technology
FinFET transistor, top view, 22 nm technology.


Perform semiconductor failure analysis using GeminiSEM. With its Nano-twin lens, GeminiSEM 500 enables rapid, reliable and damage-freecharacterization of nanoscale defects and sensitive resist structures at low beamenergies.

Featured Applications

Ceramics imaged with backscattered electron detector
Ceramics imaged with backscattered electron detector.


The combination of high performance, high resolution imaging and variablepressure capabilities of up to 500 Pa makes the GeminiSEM family the ideal choicefor maximum sample flexibility. With a wide range of options, application-specificmodules and workflows, you can satisfy a growing range of application requirementson a single system, now and in the future.

Featured Applications

Mouse, optical nerve tissue, ultrathin sections
Mouse, optical nerve tissue, ultrathin sections. J. Lichtman, Harvard University, USA

Life Sciences

Investigate sub-cellular ultrastructure with high resolution transmission images of resin embedded cellular ultrastructure, with optimum contrast and minimal sample damage.

Achieve high throughput mapping of large volumes or areas of cellular tissue. Choose from application specific modules for array tomography, 3View in chamber microtomy and correlative microscopy.

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