ZEISS Xradia Context microCT for materials research

High Resolution 3D Imaging for Demanding Materials R&D Applications

ZEISS Xradia Context is a high resolution microCT for demanding 3D X-ray tomography applications. Built with a priority on spatial resolution and image quality, ZEISS Xradia Context is an ideal instrument for demanding research environments. Moreover, the flexibility regarding sample sizes, densities, and dimensions as well as variable source and detector positions empower you to address diverse research applications, typical of a shared instrument facility or central R&D laboratory.

High Resolution in 3D – Interrogate a 3D world with microCT that is truly micron scale

4D and Correlative Imaging – Perform in situ thermo-mechanical loading or multi-instrument workflows

Optimized for Quantification – Reliable data analysis starts with excellent high-contrast images

2D virtual cross section of a porous ceramic
3D rendering with labeling of local thickness of cell walls
Distribution of 3D shape of pores


Engineering Materials

  • Advanced materials development: engineering ceramics, glass, polymers, coatings, paints, composite materials, cementitious building materials
  • Additive manufacturing process development, test builds and coupons
  • Industrial materials: insulation, filters, membranes

Energy Materials

  • Novel battery electrode architectures
  • Cycling, aging, or degradation studies 


  • Biomedical materials like implants or tissue scaffolds
  • High resolution morphometric analysis of mineralized tissue 

Device Inspection

  • Connections and interfaces in small electronic components or packages
  • Device integrity and failure analysis 

Geoscience and Natural Resources

  • 3D pore networks in reservoir rock
  • 3D petrographic analysis 

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