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April 23 - 26, 2018 - Fort Worth, TX, USA, booth #1523

Visit ZEISS and learn how we can solve your 3D imaging challenge. From X-ray CT to 3D X-ray microscopy to electron/ion microscopes, confocal, digital and light microscopes for applications in porosity / voids, surface roughness and optical inspection – we can guide you to the perfect tool for your laboratory needs.

3D X-ray Microscopy
Three-dimensional X-ray microscopy is a powerful sub-surface imaging technique that reveals tomography of three-dimensional microstructure and voids from a range of materials, non-destructively.
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ZEISS Smartzoom 5
Smartzoom 5 is our award winning digital microscope ideal for quality control and quality assurance applications in virtually every field of industry. Simple 2D & 3D
micrometrology. Its smart design allows quick and easy use even untrained users will produce excellent results.
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ZEISS Stemi 508
Stemi 508 is our compact stereo microscope for optical inspection. Its apochromatic optics capture images with outstanding contrast and color fidelity. It is designed for heavy work loads with ergonomy in mind.
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