Microscopy Events


May 21 - 23, 2018 - Long Beach, CA, USA, booth #K31

Join ZEISS and learn about our solutions to tackle your advanced materials and processes challenges. Stop by our booth for a demonstration of some microscopes like ZEISS Smartzoom 5 digital microscope and talk to our experts about your application so that we can find the perfect microscope solution for your needs.

ZEISS Axio Imager.M2m

Featuring brilliant optics and homogeneous illumination for rapid, reliable, automated imaging. The contrast manager and light manager ensure defined conditions and reproducible results at all times. Combined with our materials analysis and machine learning modules, both routine investigation and cutting edge research become straightforward.

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ZEISS Smartzoom 5

Your award winning smart digital microscope for routine and failure analysis. It is quick and easy to set up and designed for simple operation so that even untrained users will produce excellent results. It delivers fast, reproducible measurements for routine as well as failure analyses while its image presets and enhancement help provide the best possible image for your sample.

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ZEISS Stemi 508

Stemi 508 is your compact reliable Greenough stereo microscope. View samples with outstanding image contrast and color accuracy with apochromatic optics at an 8:1 zoom. It is designed for heavy workloads and sets the standard with the most ergonomic design of any other Greenough stereo microscope, allowing comfortable use, even after long hours.

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