December 3 - 5, 2019 - Boston, MA, USA, booth #310

Join us and learn how ZEISS can support your materials research. Our microscopy solutions complete with light, electron, ion and X-ray imaging technologies equip you to address multi-scale microstructure characterization problems in materials science and beyond.

ZEISS Axio Imager 2 for Materials

Introduce high performance light microscopy into your workflow - Axio Imager 2 ensures accurate and reproducible results with a large suite of software solutions. Also choose from a wide variety of unique Contrasting Techniques to see what you have been missing. Expand your applications with solutions such as: Confocal Surface Analysis, Microstructural Analysis and/or a Correlative Microscopy workflow which bridges the gap between Light and Electron microscopy.


Capture fine surface detail with superior contrast for any sample type on the user friendly ZEISS GeminiSEM. Rapidly access 3D volumes while minimizing sample damage with femtosecond laser milling on the ZEISS Crossbeam. Make challenging 3D correlative imaging and microanalysis studies routine with Atlas 5 guided workflows.


Leverage precision and efficiency in multi-scale nanofabrication tasks by having three ion beams in one instrument. Traditional gallium FIB removes massive amounts of material, neon beam provides rapid fine polishing, and helium beam achieves sub-10 nm structures without having to transfer samples between different systems.


Acquire 3D insights directly and set up subsequent targeted FIBSEM experiments with non-destructive tomographic imaging. Lab based synchrotron-like technology allows users to image at the best contrast and highest resolution without relying on hard to access beamline facilities. LabDCT module unlocks crystallographic and grain structure information from poly-crystalline samples without the need for advanced sample preparation.

Join us at Symposium Sessions

Advanced Ion Beam Sessions

Monday, December 2




10:30 am

Unravelling the Origins of Functionality through Correlative Multimodal Chemical Imaging

Olga Ovchinnikova1, Anton Ievlev1, Alex Belianinov1 (Oak Ridge National Laboratory1)

MT05.01.01 (Hynes, Level 2, Room 204)

11:00 am

Exploring a FIB-SEM Research Data Ecosystem

Keana Scott1, Alline Myers1, Peter Bajcsy1 (National Institute of Standards and Technology1)

MT05.01.02 (Hynes, Level 2, Room 204)

11:30 am

Ultra-High Precision Engineering of 2D Nanomaterials Using Energetic Focused Ion Beam Technologies

Songkil Kim1 (Pusan National University1)

MT05.01.03 (Hynes, Level 2, Room 204)

2:30 pm

Comparison of Gallium and Neon Ion Beam Milling on GaAs

Deying Xia1, John Notte1, Ying-Bing Jiang2, Brett Lewis1 (Carl Zeiss1,The University of New Mexico2)

MT05.02.03 (Hynes, Level 2, Room 204)

2:45 pm

Ne-FIB Fabrication of Tips for Atom Probe Tomography

John Notte3, Frances Allen1,2, Paul Blanchard4, Norman Sanford4, Ruopeng Zhang1,2,Andrew Minor1,2,Soeren Eyhusen3 (University of California, Berkeley1, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory2, Carl Zeiss Microscopy3, National Institute of Standards and Technology4)

MT05.02.04 (Hynes, Level 2, Room 204)

4:15 pm

Comparison of Several Focused Ion Beam Fabrication Methods for Quantitative In Situ Small-Scale Mechanical Testing

Yang Yang1, Frances Allen1,2, Andrew Minor1,2 (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1,University of California, Berkeley2)

MT05.02.07 (Hynes, Level 2, Room 204)

4:45 pm

Transfer of Sub-10 nm Patterns to Substrate Using Helium Ion Beam Lithography and Reactive-Ion Etch

Matthew Hunt1, S. Lewis1,2, N. Lee1, H. Alty2, J. Yang1,3, A. Wertheim1, G. DeRose1, Stephen Yeates2, Richard Winpenny2, A. Scherer1 (California Institute of Technology1, The University of Manchester2, Stanford University3)

MT05.02.09 (Hynes, Level 2, Room 204)

Tuesday, December 3




9:00 am

Local and Macroscale Property Control of Ferroic Thin-Film Materials with Ion Beams

Lane Martin1,2 (University of California, Berkeley1,Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory2)

MT05.03.01 (Hynes, Level 2, Room 204)

9:30 am

Fabrication of Single Atom Devices by Direct Write Nanofabrication

Edward Bielejec1 (Sandia National Laboratories1)

MT05.03.02 (Hynes, Level 2, Room 204)

10:30 am

Neuromorphic MoS2 Memtransistors Fabricated by Localised Helium Ion Beam Irradiation

Hongzhou Zhang1, Jakub Jadwiszczak1, Darragh Keane1, Gregor Hlawacek2 (Trinity College1, Institute of Ion Beam Physics and Materials Research2)

MT05.03.03 (Hynes, Level 2, Room 204)

11:30 am

Phase Transitions in He+ FIB-Irradiated VO2 Observed with 4D-STEM Imaging

Steven Zeltmann1, Lei Jin1, Frances Allen1, Junqiao Wu1, Andrew Minor1,2 (University of California, Berkeley1, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory2)

MT05.03.05 (Hynes, Level 2, Room 204)

11:45 am

Use of Helium-FIB to Study Helium Ion Irradiation Effects for a Tungsten Target

Mehdi Balooch1, Frances Allen1, Peter Hosemann1 (University of California, Berkeley1)

MT05.03.06 (Hynes, Level 2, Room 204)

1:30 pm

Nanoscale Superconducting Quantum Devices Based on High Transition Temperature Superconductor Materials Fabricated by Focused Helium Ion Beam

Hao Li1,Ethan Cho1,Shane Cybart1 (University of California, Riverside1)

MT05.04.01 (Hynes, Level 2, Room 204)

2:00 pm

Superconducting Nanoscale Detectors Fabricated Using Precision Dislocation Engineering

Ilya Charaev1, Glenn Martinez1, Denis Bandurin1, Andrew Dane1, Reza Baghdadi1, Marco Colangelo1,Karl Berggren1 (Massachusetts Institute of Technology1)

MT05.04.02 (Hynes, Level 2, Room 204)

2:15 pm

Ion Beam Induced Damage in MgB2 and Co-Doped Ba(FeAs)2 Thin Films for Josephson Junctions

Leila Kasaei1, Hussein Hijazi1, Mengjun Li1, Ryan Thorpe1, Hongbin Yang1, Philip Batson1, Ke Chen2, Torgny Gustafsson1, Xiaoxing Xi2, Leonard Feldman1 (Rutgers University1,Temple University2)

MT05.04.03 (Hynes, Level 2, Room 204)

2:30 pm

Nanoscale Devices Fabricated by Focused Ion Beam Irradiation of YBa2Cu3O7 Thin Films

Max Karrer1 (University Tübingen1)

MT05.04.04 (Hynes, Level 2, Room 204)

4:00 pm

Advances in FIB Nanotomography—Towards 1 nm3 Voxels

Michael Phaneuf1, Alexandre Laquerre1, Ken Lagarec1 (Fibics Incorporated1)

MT05.05.02 (Hynes, Level 2, Room 204)

4:30 pm

In-Situ Correlative Analysis of Ion-Beam Treated Nanostructures by Combination of AFM and FIB

Christian Schwalb1, Stefan Hummel1, Robert Winkler2, Jurgen Sattelkow2, Pinar Frank1, Gregor Hlawacek3, Peter Hosemann4, Georg Fantner5, Harald Plank2 (GETec Microscopy1,Technical University Graz2,Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf3,University of California, Berkeley4,EPFL5)

MT05.05.03 (Hynes, Level 2, Room 204)

Wednesday, December 4




9:00 am

Free-Standing and Supported Two-Dimensional Materials under Ion Irradiation

Arkady Krasheninnikov1 (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf1)

MT05.06.01 (Hynes, Level 2, Room 204)

9:45 am

Interrogation of the Nano-Beam and Nano-Target Effects in Ion Radiation Using IM3D

Yang Yang1,2, Yong Gang Li3, Michael Short1,Ju Li1 (Massachusetts Institute of Technology1, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory2, Institute of Solid State Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences3)

MT05.06.03 (Hynes, Level 2, Room 204)

10:30 am

FIB-SIMS—Recent Advances in Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry for Analytical Dual Beam Focussed Ion Beam Instruments

Johann Michler1, Lex Pillatsch1, Agnieszka Priebe1 (Empa–Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology1)

MT05.07.01 (Hynes, Level 2, Room 204)

11:00 am

NanoFab-SIMS—A Promising Tool for the Characterization of Nanofeatures

Christelle Guillermier1, Brett Lewis1, Fouzia Khanom1 (Carl Zeiss SMT, Inc.1)

MT05.07.02 (Hynes, Level 2, Room 204)

11:30 am

Enhancing Sensitivity with NeFIB-SIMS—A Material and Parameter Study

Brett Lewis1, Fouzia Khanom1, Christelle Guillermier1 (Carl Zeiss SMT Inc1)

MT05.07.03 (Hynes, Level 2, Room 204)

1:30 pm

Analytical Capabilities on FIB Instruments Using SIMS—Applications, Current Developments and Prospects

Tom Wirtz1, Jean-Nicolas Audinot1, Jelena Lovric1, Alexander Ost1, Olivier De Castro1 (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology1)

MT05.08.01 (Hynes, Level 2, Room 204)

2:00 pm

Development of an In Situ Cryo High Resolution Instrument for Multimodal Analysis in Nano-Toxicology

Olivier De Castro1, Jelena Lovric1, Rachid Barrahma1, Olivier Bouton1, Eduardo Serralta2, Nico Klinger2, Gregor Hlawacek2, Peter Gnauck3, Serge Duarte Pinto4, Falk Lucas5, Tom Wirtz1 (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology1,Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf2,Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH3,Photonis Netherlands B.V.4,ETH Zürich5)

MT05.08.02 (Hynes, Level 2, Room 204)

2:15 pm

Unveiling Photoinduced Ion Dynamics in Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Perovskites Using Time-Resolved Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry

Yongtao Liu1,2, Anton Ievlev1, Liam Collins1, Nikolay Borodinov1, Alex Belianinov1, Matthias Lorenz1, Stephen Jesse1, Kai Xiao1, Mahshid Ahmadi2, Bin Hu2, Sergei Kalinin1, Olga Ovchinnikova1 (Oak Ridge National Laboratory1,The University of Tennessee, Knoxville2)

MT05.08.03 (Hynes, Level 2, Room 204)

Thursday, December 5




10:30 am

3D Nanoprinting Using Electron and Ion Beams

Jason Fowlkes1, Eva Mutunga2, Robert Winkler3, Jurgen Sattelkow3, Grace Pakeltis2, Philip Rack2, Alex Belianinov1, Olga Ovchinnikova1,Harald Plank3 (Oak Ridge National Laboratory1,The University of Tennessee, Knoxville2,Graz University of Technology3)

MT05.10.01 (Hynes, Level 2, Room 204)

11:00 am

Direct-Writing Nanofabrication of Complex 3D Superconducting Nanostructures

Rosa Córdoba1,2, Alfonso Ibarra3, Dominique Mailly4, Jose De Teresa2,3 (Molecular Science Institute (ICMol)1, Aragon Material Science Institute (ICMA)2, University of Zaragoza, INA, LMA3, University Paris Saclay, Univ Paris Sud, CNRS, Ctr Nanosci & Nanotechnol4)

MT05.10.02 (Hynes, Level 2, Room 204)

Advanced X-ray Sessions

Monday, December 2




3:45 pm

Emergence of Faceted Spiral Patterns During Eutectic Crystallization

Saman Moniri1,Hrishikesh Bale2,Tobias Volkenandt3,Yeqing Wang4,1,Jianrong Gao4,Tianxiang Lu1,Kai Sun1,Ashwin Shahani1

University of Michigan1, Carl Zeiss Microscopy Inc.2, Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH3, Northeastern University of China4

MT06.04.02 (Hynes, Level 2, Room 209)