ZEISS at the Materials Science & Technology Show

October 1 - 2, 2019 - Portland, OR, USA, booth #325

Stop by our booth at MS&T 2019 to see our wide array of microscope products. Come immerse yourself in our solutions to your technical applications live in our booth or speak with a ZEISS expert to help you establish the best solutions to fit your needs.

Light Microscopes

ZEISS Axio Lab.A1

Axio Lab.A1 is your reliable reflected light microscope for routine applications in the laboratory offering the flexibility required for successful examinations. A variety of contrasting technique are available for defect analysis, quality inspection and materials testing.

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ZEISS Axio Observer

The ZEISS Axio Observer is the go to inverted metallographic microscope for investigation, development and analysis of materials. You can count on the quality of ZEISS optics for reliability and brilliant images. As an open imaging platform you can invest in the features you need currently and upgrade your instrument when you need it.

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ZEISS Smartzoom 5

ZEISS Smartzoom 5 is your digital microscope for the non-microscopist. With “google earth” like navigation and guided workflows results are quick and reliable. Whether you are taking 2D or 3D micro-measurements, routine inspecting or documenting component failures you can count on quality imaging with an integrated system approach.

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Electron and X-ray Microscopes


Combine high performance SEM with an intuitive, user-friendly experience. Its comprehensive range of options, including LaB6 and VP mode, lets you tailor EVO to your requirements, whether material sciences or routine industrial quality assurance and failure analysis. Improve productivity and reduce user training time with our reproducible and easy-to-learn SmartSEM Touch software.

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ZEISS Crossbeam

Our award winning FIB-SEM that speeds up your FIB applications with faster sample throughput and the highest ion beam current available in any gallium FIB-SEM. Enjoy more options with its larger chamber, Exploit the variable pressure capabilities of Crossbeam 340 or have Crossbeam 550 tackle your most demanding characterizations.

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ZEISS Xradia Versa

Unlock versatility for your scientific discovery with ZEISS Xradia Versa. Image non-destructively to reveal tomography of three-dimensional microstructure and voids from a range of materials. Extend your system with LabDCT to acquire and reconstruct crystallographic information from polycrystalline samples, such as metals and alloys.

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Opening up a New Paradigm in Ion Microscopy


When you strive to optimize batteries with respect to longterm stability and life time, it is important for you to have good simulations. And as precise models need accurate knowledge of components like active electrode particles you may turn to EBSD analytics and find yourself confronted with the issue to not being able to extract EBSD signals out of your specimen at all, not to talk about covering the complete sample volume.

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Interrogate advanced layered structures e.g. in solar cells in order to advance their efficiency. Desirable for you is gaining spatial elemental distribution at the nanometer scale and depth profiles of around 20 nm. Conventional EDS is not an option. And now you are looking for a suitable technique.

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Metals and Semiconductors

Analyze deeply buried, site-specific structures with nanoscale resolution for research into semiconductor package technologies. Avoid creating artifacts in your analysis area while achieving unprecedented speed.

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ZEISS Evening Reception - MS&T 2019

Tuesday, October 1, 2019 – 6:00 pm

Advances in Metals Microscopy - Simple Interfaces, new techniques and machine learning

As part of this reception, we will give a brief talk highlighting

  • Key developments in metals microscopy for beyond state of the art metals production and processes
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence for metals microscopy: increase productivity by simplifying routine QA tasks or create new customized metals workflows
  • SmartSEM Touch, new easy-to-use touchscreen interface for electron microscopy

Altabira City Tavern is an American beer-centric restaurant and bar on the top floor of the Hotel Eastlund in Portland’s fast-growing Lloyd District.


Altabira City Tavern
Cosmo Salon AC
1021 NE Grand Ave
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