Microscopy of High-performance Racecar Engines

Aaron White

ECR Engines

Aaron has been with ECR for 6 years as a quality engineer. Aaron joined ECR after completing his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of North Carolina Charlotte. Aaron currently works in the Quality Lab at ECR using a multitude of ZEISS Microscopy and Metrology equipment, developing and carrying out inspections along with performing failure analysis. As a lifelong fan of racing and high-performance engine development, Aaron is a great fit in the ZEISS Quality Laboratory at ECR Engines.

Chris Pawlik

ECR Engines

Chris is currently in his fifth year with ECR Engines as a quality engineer. His duties entail using multiple processes of inspection for incoming parts and post-race evaluation of parts for continued development. He worked for years in manufacturing inspection processes prior to joining ECR. In addition,  Chris has always had a fascination with engines and improving their performance. When the opportunity presented itself, Chris could not have been more excited to be a part of building the best engines in NASCAR, IMSA, and TransAm racing.


At ECR Engines, ZEISS microscopes are a vital tool in the quality assurance effort. ECR uses a variety of ZEISS microscopes to ensure impeccable reliability and gain confidence and understanding of critical engine components as we push our engines to their maximum potential. In our laboratory we house a ZEISS Discovery V20 SteREO microscope, a ZEISS Smartzoom 5 microscope, a ZEISS Smartproof 5 microscope, a ZEISS Axio Observer 7 microscope, and a ZEISS EVO 25 electron microscope along with various other ZEISS metrology tools. ECR uses ZEISS microscopes for incoming inspection of components across a variety of inspectors and methods. ZEISS microscopes, known for their great optics, also provide excellent flexibility. At ECR we perform everything from handheld visual verification to computer-controlled repetitive inspection and all the way to cross-sectional material analysis.. ECR also uses ZEISS microscopes to quickly determine failure modes and understand potential component issues throughout the development process to provide our customers with the most powerful engine on the track paired with outstanding reliability.

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