Recent Innovations in Focused Ion Beam Microscopy for Materials Science

Fabian Perez-Willard, Ph.D.

Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH

Fabián Pérez Willard is Solutions Manager at ZEISS Microscopy. He focuses on microscopy solutions for the area of nanoscience and nanomaterials. Fabián studied physics at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), where he completed a Ph.D. in low-temperature physics in 2003. After heading a multiuser service lab facility with focus on the fabrication and characterization of functional nanostructures at KIT, Fabián moved to ZEISS in 2006. At ZEISS he has held different positions in applications, product management, and marketing. Fabián has 20+ years of experience in electron microscopy and is an expert in the field of ion microscopy.


Microscopy techniques based on focused ion beam (FIB) technology have become indispensable for the materials researcher. This session will cover some of the latest advances in the technology and associated workflows.

We will discuss:
  • The use of helium and neon gas field ion sources (GFIS) for most precise direct milling nanofabrication with ZEISS Orion NanoFab
  • The recent addition of secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) to ZEISS ion microscopes enabling elemental analysis of low concentration or light elements with an unprecedented spatial resolution
  • Advances to FIB-SEM tomography leveraging the concepts of “True-Z” and “Thin & Fast” to gain the most accurate possible 3D representation of a volume of interest
  • Improvements to TEM sample preparation in ZEISS FIB-SEMs aiming for an easier and faster workflow and samples of highest quality 
  • ZEISS Crossbeam laser, which integrates a femtosecond laser for targeted large volume milling to access deeply buried regions of interest or fabricate very large sample geometries

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