Converting Images to Data with ZEISS ZEN Software and arivis Vision4D Visualization and Analysis Tools

Chris Zugates, Ph.D.

arivis AG

Dr. Christopher Zugates works at the confluence of science, teamwork, and imaging. As VP of Operations at arivis AG, he helps place new imaging technologies into the hands of the world’s most talented scientists.

Scott Olenych, Ph.D.

Carl Zeiss Microscopy, LLC

Dr. Scott Olenych is the product marketing manager for Life Science Automation and Widefield Imaging at Carl Zeiss Microscopy. As a former research scientist, he brings a practical approach to solving imaging problems for researchers in the life sciences.


Image analysis is a key microscopy tool for bridging the gap between images and data, where meaningful insights can be learned. As more and more researchers leave the two-dimensional sample behind and add the third, or z, dimension, datasets become larger and more complex. Robust image visualization and analysis tools are required to work with large datasets.
This talk will focus on the link between the ZEISS ZEN image acquisition software found on most ZEISS microscope systems and the arivis Vision4D visualization and analysis software tools. We will work through an example dataset to highlight the easy transition from ZEN to Vision4D and continue through an analysis pipeline in Vision4D resulting in meaningful data.

Listen to this talk to learn how extracting data from large 3D images is made simple with ZEISS and arivis.