February 24 – 26, 2020, San Diego, CA, USA, Booth #515

We believe in the great power of materials to change our world. In this pursuit of scientific understanding and technical progress, materials researchers rely on microstructural characterization techniques to understand the critical links that exist between processing, structure, and properties. Through world-leading microscopy instruments, we at ZEISS equip scientists and engineers to better design and control their materials, and apply them in ways that help build the future.

Metals are a group of complex and versatile materials utilized in an incredible range of applications – from construction, to automotive, energy and consumer goods – each demanding different properties. Accurate measurements at various stages during the manufacturing process helps understand how the influencing variables control microstructures, alter composition and introduce impurities. Increasingly as well, advanced materials including composites, polymers, and energy materials also exhibit vast levels of heterogeneity, requiring correspondingly advanced imaging approaches.

ZEISS offers a leading-edge portfolio for metals, steel, and advanced materials researchers and industry. More than 160 years of experience in optics has laid the foundation for pioneering light, electron, x-ray and ion beam microscopes with superior integration of imaging and analytical capabilities to provide information beyond spatial resolution.

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Show Dates & Hours

Monday, February 24
11 am – 7 pm

Tuesday, February 25
11 am – 7 pm

Wednesday, February 26
10 am – 2 pm

San Diego Convention Center
111 W Harbor Dr
San Diego, CA 92101

Micropillars prepared in Ti6Al4V alloy by Crossbeam with femtosecond laser milling – total milling time of 2.5 minutes
Cross-section of failed region in an Alloy 826 casting with an autogenous weld, showing the dendrite structure. Bright field light micrograph taken using Axio Imager Z2.m
Nondestructive reconstruction of 3D grain structure in Al 7475 alloy by Xradia Versa with LabDCT. Sample courtesy of N. Chawla, Arizona State University.

Booth Demonstrations

ZEISS Axio Observer 7

Observe metallographic samples in no time - focus once and keep focus for all other magnifications. Proven optical quality from ZEISS combined with automated components ensures that you get reliable, reproducible results every time. Its modular system allows you to invest only in features you need now and upgrade in the future as your requirements change.

ZEISS Primotech

Investigate birefringent materials with Primotech POL, our petrographic microscope for lab and WiFi digital classroom use. It is equipped with a pre-centered circular rotating stage and polarization components aligned with optical pathways and allows you view your birefingent material under brightfield and cross polarization contrast in either transmitted or reflected illumination.

ZEISS Stemi 508

Your compact reliable Greenough stereo microscope. View samples with outstanding image contrast and color accuracy with apochromatic optics at an 8:1 zoom. Stemi 508 sets the standard with the most ergonomic design of any other Greenough stereo microscope, allowing comfortable use, even after long hours.


Join symposium sessions to gain in depth knowledge of current techniques and their applications. 

A Fully Integrated In-Situ Solution for Materials Testing in SEM

Session: Characterization of Minerals, Metals and Materials — Advances in Characterization Methods II
Monday, 3:30 PM
Theater A-5
Speaker: Fang Zhou (ZEISS)

Influence of Powder Recyclability on the Defect Density of Components Fabricated with Nickel-based Alloys Characterized with Micro X-ray CT

Session: Additive Manufacturing: Advanced Characterization with Synchrotron, Neutron, and In Situ Laboratory-scale Techniques
Monday, 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
San Diego Convention Center, Sails Pavilion
Curtis Frederick (ZEISS)

Mapping Grain Morphology and Orientations by Laboratory Diffraction Contrast Tomography

Session: Characterization of Minerals, Metals, and Materials – 3D Characterization
Tuesday, 9:50 am
San Diego Convention Center Theater A-5
Fang Zhou (ZEISS)

4D Nanoscale Imaging of Powder Feedstock Processing for Additive Manufacturing

Session: Additive Manufacturing: Advanced Characterization with Synchrotron, Neutron, and In Situ Laboratory-scale Techniques — Industrial Applications and Perspectives
Wednesday, 9:45 am
San Diego Convention Center Room 8
Stephen Kelly (ZEISS)

Rapid Characterization of AM Components for Alloy Design and Process Optimization

Session: Additive Manufacturing: Advanced Characterization with Synchrotron, Neutron, and In Situ Laboratory-scale Techniques — In Situ Monitoring and Diagnostics: Powder Bed
Thursday, 2:30 pm
San Diego Convention Center Room 8
Ryan Dehoff (Oak Ridge National Lab)